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Commission Update

April 2017

Julie I. Brown

Gas Safety and Water Conservation Should Top Spring Projects To-Do List

As the first full month of spring, April is packed with festivals, events, meetings, and a host of other activities. My spring calendar is overflowing with "busy," and it's no different at the Florida Public Service Commission (PSC). In fact, April's calendar at the PSC includes some timely topics and tips for all of us.

Spring marks the start of home improvement projects for many Floridians. Whether that includes building a deck in the backyard or planting a tree, before you get that shovel out, the PSC urges you to "call 811 before you dig!" April is National Safe Digging Month and since safety is a top PSC priority, we fully support the campaign. A free call to 811 before any digging project is a good thing. Failure to make the call can result in hitting underground utility lines, leading to possible injury, penalties, repair costs, and inconvenient utility service interruptions. For projects large and small, call 811 or go to at least two full business days prior to digging to get underground utility lines marked at the dig site. Our consumer tip on 811 also offers safe digging advice for your next outside project.

In Florida during the month of April, Water Conservation Month is observed. The PSC believes water conservation begins right at your tap and urges you to keep your water usage in check. Typically, March, April, and May have the lowest rainfall amounts in Florida. Since the highest water savings can occur during outdoor use, we recommend making conservation a natural habit when watering your yard. Nationwide, according to the EPA, landscape irrigation is estimated to account for nearly one-third (1/3) of all residential water use, totaling nearly 9 billion gallons per day.

We offer these outdoor water saving tips for your use this spring:
  • Check your irrigation system for clogged, broken, or missing sprinkler heads.
  • Don't water the driveway, house, or sidewalk instead of your yard!
  • Redirect sprinklers to apply water only to your landscape.
  • Skip watering a landscape if it's raining, just rained, or if your landscape doesn't need the water.
  • Only water on designated days, particularly if your city/county has water restrictions, and make sure your irrigation timers are set accordingly.
For more tips on how to save water during Water Conservation Month, the PSC's Drop by Drop brochure offers tips for both inside and outside your home. For a water-saving, low maintenance yard, the PSC's consumer tip on xeriscaping can help you get started on a worry-free landscape.

April at the Capitol also has many planned activities. The Capitol is home to Florida's Executive and Legislative branches, and the PSC appreciates their work. We recently participated in Florida Senior Day at the Capitol to celebrate the state's seniors. This annual event spotlights seniors and senior advocates and showcases older adults' special contributions to the state. Participants enjoyed free health screenings, exhibits, artists, music, and a unique opportunity to meet their legislative and state officials. We regularly meet with seniors about scam protections and energy and water conservation, as well as to help those eligible apply for the federal Lifeline Assistance discounted telephone program.

June 1 marks the beginning of Hurricane Season. Our annual PSC Hurricane Roundtable will be on April 20 to review the status of storm preparedness for the state's electric utilities. The CEOs of Florida's electric investor-owned utilities, electric municipal and cooperative associations, and the Department of Emergency Management will provide updates on efforts to strengthen the electric grid and distribution system from storm impacts and keep residents informed. It's an opportunity for them to highlight their communication efforts to address customer needs during and after storm-related events. As we prepare for storm season, we also encourage you to prepare. For tips, look for the Hurricane House and Florida Be Prepared checklist on our website under Publications!

I hope you are enjoying many spring activities. Summer will be here before we know it, and I encourage you to practice energy-saving tips now, before our hot weather arrives. Visit the PSC's website and browse the energy and water conservation brochures for more information. Also, if you've never been to Florida's Capitol-which has a rich heritage in downtown Tallahassee-I invite you to come, especially during Legislative Session, and experience Springtime in Tallahassee.

Julie I. Brown, FPSC Chairman      


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May Commission Calendar

5/4 Gulf Power Utility Rate Case Special Commission Conference (Rates)
5/4 Commission Conference
5/8 Utilities Inc. of Florida Rate Case Service Hearing in Tallahassee
5/8 Utilities Inc. of Florida Rate Case Hearing in Tallahassee
5/29 Memorial Day Holiday

April News Releases

Florida PSC Approves Rate Case Settlement for Gulf Power Company

PSC Customer Meeting for LP Waterworks, Inc.

Florida PSC to Receive Hurricane Preparedness Briefing from Electric Utilities and Emergency Management

Florida Utilities Present Hurricane Preparedness, Storm Customer Communication Plans to PSC

PSC’s April Helping Hand is Miramar Senior Center

Diocese of Venice Receives PSC’s Triple E Award

March / April Notable FPSC Dockets

Electric Industry
Docket No. 20170070
03/30/2017   -   Petition for approval of revised standard offer for energy purchase from cogenerators and renewable generating facilities and standard offer contract for purchases of firm capacity and energy, by Florida Public Utilities Company.

Docket No. 20170072
03/30/2017   -   Petition for approval of amended standard offer contract and amended interconnection agreement, by Duke Energy Florida, LLC.

Docket No. 20170075
03/31/2017   -   Petition for approval of revisions to standard offer contract and rate schedule COG-2, by Tampa Electric Company.

Docket No. 20170076
04/03/2017   -   Petition for approval of new standard offer for purchase of firm capacity and energy from renewable energy facilities or small qualifying facilities and approval of tariff schedule REF-1, by Gulf Power Company.

Docket No. 20170077
04/03/2017   -   Petition for approval of renewable energy tariff and standard offer contract, by Florida Power & Light Company.

Telecommunications Industry
Docket No. 20170082
04/07/2017   -   Request for relinquishment of partial eligible telecommunications carrier (ETC) status, by BellSouth Telecommunications, LLC d/b/a AT&T Florida.

Water Industry
Docket No. 20170078
04/03/2017   -   Request for approval of an increase to convenience fees charged to customers, by Wildwood Water Company.

March / April Notable FPSC Orders

Electric Industry
Order No. PSC-2017-0114-TRF-EI   ♦ Docket No:   20170030
03/28/2017   -   Order PSC-17-0114-TRF-EI approving revenue requirement for the Hines Chillers uprate project by Duke Energy; if protested, tariff to remain in effect with any charges held subject to refund pending resolution; if no protest, docket to be closed upon issuance of a CO; protest due 4/18/17.

Order No. PSC-2017-0132-PCO-EI   ♦ Docket No:   20170057
04/13/2017   -   Order PSC-17-0132-PCO-EI establishing procedure.

Order No. PSC-2017-0134-PCO-EI   ♦ Docket No:   20170001
04/13/2017   -   Order PSC-17-0134-PCO-EI first order revising order establishing procedure.

Telecommunications Industry
Order No. PSC-2017-0109-CO-TX   ♦ Docket No:   20160147
03/27/2017   -   Consummating Order PSC-17-0109-CO-TX makes Order PSC-17-0065-PAA-TX effective and final; docket shall be closed.

Water and Wastewater Industry
Order No. PSC-2017-0113-PAA-WS   ♦ Docket No:   20130105
03/28/2017   -   PAA Order PSC-17-0113-PAA-WS approving Consolidated Services' application for certificates to provide water and wastewater service in Hendry and Collier Counties; if no protest, order to become final and effective upon issuance of CO; docket to be administratively closed; protest due 4/18/17.

Order No. PSC-2017-0130-NOR-WS   ♦ Docket No:   20160239
04/06/2017   -   Order PSC-17-0130-NOR-WS noticing rulemaking to amend Rule 25-30.445 FAC; relating to the general information and instructions required of water and wastewater utilities in an application for a limited proceeding; notice of rulemaking appeared in the 4/6/17 FAR; if timely requested, a hearing will be held at a time and place to be announced in a future notice; written requests for hearing and written comments on the rules must be received by CLK no later than 4/27/17.