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Associated Dockets

Current OPEN Dockets Associated with EI806 (12 dockets)
Docket Number Docket Title
20180133 Petition for limited proceeding to approve second solar base rate adjustment (SoBRA), effective January 1, 2019, by Tampa Electric Company.
20180127 Petition for approval of temporary territorial variance, by Tampa Electric Company.
20180121 Amendment of Rule 25-17.015, F.A.C., Energy Conservation Cost Recovery Clause.
20180092 Petition for approval of arrangement for totalized meter interconnection service, by Tampa Electric Company.
20180082 Petition for approval of revisions to standard offer contract and rate schedule COG-2, by Tampa Electric Company.
20180086 Petition for approval of revised underground residential distribution tariffs, by Tampa Electric Company.
20180045 Consideration of the tax impacts associated with Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 for Tampa Electric Company.
20180001 Fuel and purchased power cost recovery clause with generating performance incentive factor.
20180007 Environmental cost recovery clause.
20170271 Petition for recovery of costs associated with named tropical systems during the 2015, 2016, and 2017 hurricane seasons and replenishment of storm reserve subject to final true-up, Tampa Electric Company.
20170195 Application for authority to issue and sell securities for 12 months ending December 31, 2018, by Tampa Electric Company.
20170057 Analysis of IOUs' hedging practices.