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Associated Dockets

Current CLOSED Dockets Associated with EM880 (7 dockets)
Docket Number Docket Title
20140244 Petition for declaratory statement regarding the effect of the Commission's orders approving territorial agreements in Indian River County, by the City of Vero Beach.
20140142 Petition for declaratory statement or other relief regarding the expiration of the Vero Beach electric service franchise agreement, by the Board of County Commissioners, Indian River County, Florida.
20090524 Complaint of Stephen J. Faherty and Glenn Fraser Heran against the City of Vero Beach for unfair electric utility rates and charges.
19990943 Request by City of Vero Beach to delete its Curtailable Commercial Service rate and its QF Transmission tariff and add a "Disclaimer of Liability" clause to its General Rules and Regulations.
19950455 Approval of Demand-Side Management Plan of the City of Vero Beach.
19940828 Adoption of Numeric Conservation Goals and Consideration of National Energy Policy Act Standards (Section 111) by CITY OF VERO BEACH.
19871090 Joint petition of FLORIDA POWER & LIGHT COMPANY and CITY OF VERO BEACH for approval of amendment of a territorial Agreement.