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Associated Dockets

Current CLOSED Dockets Associated with TJ198 (4 dockets)
Docket Number Docket Title
20060040 Acknowledgement of cancellation of IXC Registration No. TJ198 by Startec Global Licensing Company, of IXC registration by STARTEC Global Operating Company, and of adoption of Startec's tariff by STARTEC, effective January 18, 2006.
20041095 Request for waiver of carrier selection requirements of Rule 25-4.118, F.A.C., due to acquisition of commercial long distance customers of Teligent Services, Inc. by Startec Global Licensing Company.
20021025 Petition for authority to transfer control of Startec Global Licensing Company (holder of IXC Certificate No. 4427) from current shareholders to Allied Capital Corporation, due to filing of Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
19981804 Application by STARTEC, Inc. d/b/a Maryland STARTEC, Inc. for assignment of existing Interexchange Telecommunications Certificate No. 4427 to Startec Global Licensing Company.