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Docket Details

This information displays the latest update to records on file with the Office of Commission Clerk.
Docket 20050581 (CLOSED) -- Complaint of KMC Telecom III LLC and KMC Telecom V, Inc. against Sprint-Florida, Incorporated and Sprint Communications Company Limited Partnership for alleged failure to pay intrastate access charges pursuant to interconnection agreement and Sprint's tariffs, and for alleged violation of Section 364.16(3)(a), F.S.
Document Filings Index
Time Schedule (CASR) for Docket 20050581
Description Due Date Completion Date
Company (Sprint) Response 09/20/2005 09/20/2005
Staff Recommendation - Motion to Dismiss 10/20/2005 10/20/2005
Agenda - Motion to Dismiss 11/01/2005 11/01/2005
Standard Order - Motion to Dismiss 11/21/2005 11/07/2005
Order Establishing Procedure 01/20/2006 01/23/2006
FAW Notice Filed for Prehearing 04/05/2006 04/05/2006
FAW Notice Filed for Hearing 04/12/2006 04/12/2006
FAW Notice Filed - Cancels Prehearing & Hearing 04/26/2006 04/26/2006
Staff Recommendation 05/04/2006 05/02/2006
Agenda 05/16/2006 05/16/2006
Standard Order 06/05/2006 05/18/2006
Close Docket or Revise CASR 07/05/2006 05/18/2006

Utilities Involved in Docket 20050581
Utility Companies (4) Select Company
KMC Telecom III LLC (TX292)
KMC Telecom III LLC (TA058)
Sprint-Florida, Incorporated (TL727)
Sprint Communications Company Limited Partnership (TX045)

Parties of Record and Interested Parties in Docket 20050581
Parties of Record (5)
Mr. Scotty Amos
1200 Route 22E
Bridgewater NJ 08807-2926
(908) 203-4647 or -
Messer Law Firm
Floyd R. Self
P. O. Box 1876
Tallahassee FL 32302-1876
(850) 224-4359
Rutledge Law Firm
Marsha E. Rule
P.O. Box 551
Tallahassee FL 32302-0551
(850) 681-6515
Sprint Communications Company Limited Partnership
William R. Atkinson
% Sprint Communications Company L.P.
3065 Cumberland Circle, S.E.
Atlanta GA 30339-3166
(404) 649-4882
(404) 649-1652
Sprint-Florida Incorporated
Susan S. Masterton
P. O. Box 2214 (MC FLTLHO0107)
Tallahassee FL 32316-2214
(850) 599-1560
(850) 878-0777
No interested person found.

Staff Assigned to Docket 20050581 A Pre-Hearing Officer was assigned on: 9/7/2005
PSC Staff
Commission Suite
J. Terry Deason -- Hearing Officer(s)
J. Terry Deason -- Pre-Hearing Officer
Katrina McMurrian -- Hearing Officer(s)
Matthew Carter -- Hearing Officer(s)
Division of Regulatory Compliance
Laura King
Nancy Pruitt
Suzanne Ollila
Office of the General Counsel
Carris Fordham
Kira Scott