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Docket Details

This information displays the latest update to records on file with the Office of Commission Clerk.
Docket 20150003 (CLOSED) -- Purchased gas adjustment (PGA) true-up.
Document Filings Index
Time Schedule (CASR) for Docket 20150003
Description Due Date Completion Date
Administrative Order - Establishing 2015 Docket 01/02/2015 01/02/2015
Order Establishing Procedure 02/10/2015 02/10/2015
Utilities 2014 Final True-Up Testimony & Exhibits 05/05/2015 05/04/2015
Order Modifying Order Establishing Procedure 05/21/2015 05/21/2015
Audit Report Due 07/27/2015 05/20/2015
Utilities Actual/Estimated True-Up Projections 08/21/2015 08/21/2015
Staff Testimony and Exhibits (if any) 09/03/2015 None
OPC / Intervenor Testimony and Exhibits 09/03/2015 None
Utilities Rebuttal Testimony and Exhibits 09/17/2015 None
Preliminary List of Issues and Positions 09/18/2015 09/18/2015
FAR Notice Filed 10/02/2015 10/02/2015
Notice of Prehearing and Hearing 10/05/2015 10/05/2015
Prehearing Statements 10/09/2015 10/09/2015
Last day to Conduct Discovery 10/16/2015 None
Prehearing 10/19/2015 10/19/2015
Prehearing Order 10/29/2015 10/29/2015
Transcript of Prehearing Due 10/29/2015 10/20/2015
Hearing (11/02 - 11/05) 11/02/2015 11/02/2015
Briefs Due (if any) 11/13/2015 None
Standard Order (if bench decision) 11/13/2015 11/24/2015
Transcript of Hearing Due 11/13/2015 11/13/2015
Order Establishing Docket 01/04/2016 01/04/2016
Revised CASR Due 01/14/2016 None

Utilities Involved in Docket 20150003
Utility Companies (4) Select Company
Florida City Gas (GU602)
Florida Public Utilities Company (GU603)
Peoples Gas System (GU608)
St. Joe Natural Gas Company, Inc. (GU610)

Parties of Record and Interested Parties in Docket 20150003
Parties of Record (9)
AGL Resources, Inc. (15)
Elizabeth Wade/Shannon Pierce
Ten Peachtree Place
Location 1470
Atlanta GA 30309
Represented By: Gunster Law Firm
Florida City Gas (15)
Carolyn Bermudez
933 East 25th Street
Hialeah FL 33013-3498
Represented By: Gunster Law Firm
Florida Public Utilities Company (15)
Mike Cassel
1750 SW 14th Street, Suite 200
Fernandina Beach FL 32034
Represented By: Gunster Law Firm
Gunster Law Firm (15 Keating)
Beth Keating
215 South Monroe Street, Suite 601
Tallahassee FL 32301-1839
Represents: Florida City Gas/Florida Public Utilities Company
Macfarlane Law Firm (15)
A. Watson, Jr./A.M. Brown/A.R. Kellgren
P.O. Box 1531
Tampa FL 33601-1531
Represents: Peoples Gas System
Office of Public Counsel (15a)
J. Kelly/C. Rehwinkel/P. Christensen
c/o The Florida Legislature
111 W. Madison Street, Room 812
Tallahassee FL 32399-1400
Peoples Gas System (15Brown)
Ms. Paula K. Brown
Regulatory Affairs
P. O. Box 111
Tampa FL 33601-0111
(813) 228-1444
(813) 228-1770
Represented By: Macfarlane Law Firm
Peoples Gas System (15Floyd)
Kandi M. Floyd
P.O. Box 111
Tampa FL 33601-0111
Represented By: Macfarlane Law Firm
St. Joe Natural Gas Company (15)
Debbie Stitt/Charles A. Shoaf
PO Box 549
Port St. Joe FL 32457
No interested person found.

Staff Assigned to Docket 20150003 A Pre-Hearing Officer was assigned on: 1/2/2015
PSC Staff
Commission Suite
All Commissioners -- Hearing Officer(s)
Arthur Graham -- Pre-Hearing Officer
Division of Economics
Clyde Rome
Elisabeth Draper
Office of the General Counsel
Kyesha Mapp