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PSC Docket Filings

NOTICE The information in this and related pages was automatically generated from the FPSC’s Case Management System. PDF documents, shown in Red and marked with an asterisk, are an image of the official records docket. Any supplementary document formats, such as word files, are provided for your convenience and may not accurately reflect the contents of the filed document. For more information, please contact the Office of Commission Clerk at or (850) 413-6770.

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Document type All Official Filings Correspondence

Document Detail for Docket Number:20030106 50 documents
Document Order Date Filed Description Files
05/30/2008 ECR/Bulecza-Banks; Brubaker/Teitzman - Memo dated 5/29/08 to CLK/Cole advising EPS filed final report of refunds for overearnings; staff has determined that the utility has complied with Order PSC-07-0798-AS-SU; there are no pending issues to be addressed; requesting docket be closed; docket closed by XCM. *04601-2008.pdf (0 MB)
03/26/2008 EPS (Hopper) - Letter dated 3/17/08 providing fifth monthly report. *02231-2008.pdf (0.1 MB)
02/22/2008 EPS (Hopper) - Letter dated 2/17/08 providing fourth monthly report. *01395-2008.pdf (0.1 MB)
01/24/2008 EPS (Hopper) - Letter dated 1/17/08 providing third monthly report. *00599-2008.pdf (0.1 MB)
12/20/2007 EPS (Hopper) - Letter dated 12/17/07 providing second monthly report. *11089-2007.pdf (0.1 MB)
11/26/2007 EPS (Hopper) - Letter dated 11/12/07 providing preliminary refund report and first monthly report. *10518-2007.pdf (0.1 MB)
10/30/2007 Docket correspondence - Parties and Interested Persons. [CLK note: Subsequent correspondence from parties will be appended to this document.] *09836-2007.pdf (0.3 MB)
08956-2007 10/01/2007 Order PSC-07-0798-AS-SU approving EPS' proposed settlement; refunds to be made to customers within 90 days of date of order; utility to submit refund reports; any unclaimed refunds to be treated as CIAC; maintenance and administrative costs associated with refund are responsibility of, and to be borne by utility; dkt to be closed administratively on staff verification that refund has been completed. 07-200798.ord.doc (0.2 MB)
*08956-2007.pdf (0.5 MB)
09/11/2007 Vote sheet fr 9/11/07 ag - staff rec approved. (ED CT MM AG SK) *08228-2007.pdf (0.1 MB)
09/04/2007 Docket correspondence - Consumers and their representatives. [CLK note: Subsequent correspondence from consumers will be appended to this document.] *08012-2007.pdf (4.1 MB)
08/29/2007 RECOM for 9/11/07 ag fr ECR/Revell, Rendell, Bulecza-Banks; GCL/Brubaker - Approve Pine Island's revised settlement proposal; if Issue 1 is approved, dkt shld remain open for staff's verification that appropriate refund has been completed; once actions are complete, dkt shld be closed administratively. 030106 rcm.doc (0.2 MB)
*07809-2007.pdf (0.5 MB)
07/20/2007 EPS (Friedman) - Revised settlement proposal [regarding PAA Order PSC-07-0426-PAA-SU]. *06157-2007.pdf (0.2 MB)
*PSC Clerk 06 (Revsied Settlement Proposal).pdf (0.2 MB)
07/02/2007 Docket correspondence - Administrative. [CLK note: Subsequent administrative correspondence will be appended to this document.] *05258-2007.pdf (7.1 MB)
06/19/2007 EPS (Friedman) - Settlement proposal [with regard to petition on PAA protesting Order PSC-07-0426-PAA-SU]. *04909-2007.PDF (0.1 MB)
06/01/2007 EPS (Friedman) - Petition on PAA [protesting and objecting to Order PSC-07-0426-PAA-SU; and petition for formal evidentiary hearing]. *04493-2007.PDF (0.2 MB)
*EPS Petition on Proposed Agency Action.pdf (0.2 MB)
04011-2007 05/15/2007 PAA Order PSC-07-0426-PAA-SU declining to initiate a show cause proceeding; requiring refund; and reducing wastewater rates; approved rates to be effective for service rendered on or after stamped approval date on tariff sheet; if no protest, order to become final and effective on issuance of CO; dkt to be closed administratively after staff's verification and approval of revised tariff sheets, customer notice, and completed refund; protest due 6/5/07. (ED CT MM) *04011-2007.PDF (0.6 MB)
07-0426.ord.doc (0.2 MB)
04/30/2007 TRANSCRIPT - Pgs 1-24 of discussion of Item 8 from 4/24/07 agenda, before ED CT MM. 03611-2007-trn.doc (0 MB)
*03611-2007.PDF (0.9 MB)
04/24/2007 Vote sheet fr 4/24/07 ag - staff rec approved. (ED CT MM) *03479-2007.PDF (0.1 MB)
04/12/2007 RECOM for 4/24/07 ag fr ECR/Merta, Rendell; GCL/Brubaker - EPS shld be required to refund customers amounts collected for a pro forma interconnection project that was not completed within required time period; rates shld be reduced to remove rate impact of difference in projected versus actual cost of pro forma plant items; show cause proceedings shld not be initiated at this time; if no protest, CO should be issued; dkt shld be closed administratively after staff's verification and approval of revised tariff sheets and customer notice, and refund has be completed and verified by staff. 030106.rcm.doc (0.2 MB)
*03101-2007.PDF (0.5 MB)
11/27/2006 EPS (Friedman) - Copy of letter dated 11/21/06 to ECR/Rendell responding to 9/11/06 letter requesting update on progress of matters addressed in SARC Order. [CCA Note: changed docket status to active.] *10775-2006.PDF (1.4 MB)
09/11/2006 ECR/Rendell - Copy of letter dated 9/11/06 to Pine Island/Cherry requesting listed information be provided by 10/13/06; advises information is needed to address a final true-up of costs, refunds, if any, and to close docket. *08267-2006.PDF (0.1 MB)
11/21/2005 ECR/Rendell - Copy of letter dated 11/21/05 to EPS/Cherry requesting an update on progress to date; and requesting listed information be provided by 12/6/05. *11135-2005.PDF (0.2 MB)
12/21/2004 GCL/Brubaker - Memo dated 12/21/04 with attached documentation for docket file. *13385-2004.PDF (0.1 MB)
11/18/2004 EPS (Friedman) - Letter dated 11/16/04 indicating EPS is willing to subject revenues to potential for refund, after true-up of actual construction costs versus anticipated construction costs contemplated in Order PSC-03-1119-PAA-SU. *12324-2004.PDF (0.1 MB)
10/18/2004 Cherry Estates Property Owners' Association, Inc. [Cherry Estates] (Mikes) - Letter dated 10/13/04 to CCA requesting PSC investigate EPS's failure to comply with PSC order; requesting EPS be required to submit new request for SARC; and PSC take additional customer comments re EPS's rate increase. *11149-2004.PDF (0.2 MB)
10/11/2004 ECR/Rendell - Copy of 10/11/04 letter to Island/Cherry requesting responses to data request by 11/12/04. *10965-2004.PDF (0.2 MB)
03/05/2004 ECR/Rendell - Copy of 3/1/04 letter to Larry Thibodeau in response to questions and comments received on 2/10/04 regarding billing by EPS. *03219-2004.PDF (0.2 MB)
12973-2003 12/15/2003 Amendatory Order PSC-03-1266A-CO-SU to accurately reflect provision in Order No. PSC-03-1199-PAA-SU for docket to remain open; Order Nos. PSC-03-1119-PAA-SU and PSC-03-1266-CO-SU affirmed in all other respects. 03-1266a.ord (0 MB)
*12973-2003.PDF (0.1 MB)
11/24/2003 ECR/Devlin - Copy of 11/10/03 letter to Island/Cherry advising tariff sheets have been approved effective 11/15/03. *11956-2003.PDF (0.1 MB)
11171-2003 11/10/2003 Consummating Order PSC-03-1266-CO-SU makes Order PSC-03-1119-PAA-SU effective and final; closes docket. 03-1266.ord (0 MB)
*11171-2003.PDF (0.1 MB)
11170-2003 11/10/2003 Amendatory PAA Order PSC-03-1119A-PAA-SU to accurately reflect vote from 9/16/03 agenda conference that the company complete construction and interconnection with PIRTS within nine months from date of CO; Order PSC-03-1119-PAA-SU affirmed in all other respects. 03-1119a.ord (0 MB)
*11170-2003.PDF (0.1 MB)
09716-2003 10/07/2003 PAA Order PSC-03-1119-PAA-SU granting temporary rates in event of protest and approving increase in rates and charges; if no protest received by 10/28/03, order to become final upon issuance of CO; docket to remain open for additional ten months from date of CO to allow staff to verify completion of pro forma items as described in order, once verified, docket can be closed administratively. (JB, DS, BZ, BD, DV) 03-1119.ord (0.5 MB)
*09716-2003.PDF (3.1 MB)
09/17/2003 ECR/Merta - Memo dated 9/17/03 forwarding three letters for docket file: (1) 7/2/03 letter from EPS/Friedman to ECR/Willis commenting on staff report, (2) 7/18/03 letter from EPS/Friedman to ECR/Merta requesting recovery of telephone answering services, and (3) 8/8/03 facsimile from EPS/Friedman to ECR/Merta amending schedule of rate case expense. *08814-2003.PDF (0.9 MB)
09/16/2003 Vote sheet fr 9/16/03 ag - staff rec approved; Issue 5 modified that gain on sale of land will not be recognized as an offset. (JB, DS, BZ, BD, DV) *08772-2003.PDF (0.5 MB)
09/08/2003 EPS (Friedman) - Notice of filing [with attached affidavit of mailing notice of hearing to customers of utility]. *08411-2003.PDF (0.3 MB)
09/04/2003 RECOM for 9/16/03 ag fr ECR/Merta, Massoudi; GCL/Brubaker - appropriate wastewater revenue requirement is $226,898; PAA order will become final upon expiration of protest period and upon issuance of CO; docket should remain open for additional ten months from CO to allow staff to verify completion of pro forma items described in Issue No. 6, once verified docket should be closed administratively. 030106.RCM (0.6 MB)
*08249-2003.PDF (4.4 MB)
08/05/2003 ECR/Merta - Memo dated 8/4/03 to CCA forwarding 2 audiotapes of customer meeting held 7/24/03. [CCA note: Audiotapes placed in tape storage area under 10-year retention; audiotapes disposed of after expiration of retention period.] *07088-2003.PDF (0 MB)
06/25/2003 FAW notice (to be published 7/3/03) of customer meeting to be held 7/24/03 at 6 p.m. at James City Civic Association, 3300 Fourth Avenue, in St. James City. 030106su.wpd (0 MB)
*05658-2003.PDF (0.1 MB)
06/24/2003 GCL/Brubaker - Memo dated 6/24/03 forwarding notice to be published in next issue of FAW. *05643-2003.PDF (0 MB)
06/24/2003 GCL/Menasco - Copy of 6/23/03 letter to EPS/Friedman advising 6/23/03 copy of staff report was not duplexed (DN 05530-03), copy of [corrected] staff report enclosed. *05619-2003.PDF (3.6 MB)
06/20/2003 GCL/Brubaker - Copy of 6/23/03 letter to EPS/Cherry; with attached customer notice and preliminary staff report dated 6/16/03. [CCA note: DN 05619-03 consists of complete preliminary staff report.] *05530-2003.PDF (2.1 MB)
05/12/2003 EPS (Friedman) - Letter dated 5/9/03 with comments to Audit Control No. 03-055-4-1. *04242-2003.PDF (0.1 MB)
04/28/2003 AUS/Vandiver - Copy of memo dated 4/25/03 to ECR/Merta forwarding final audit for EPS (Audit Control No. 03-055-4-1) for staff-assisted rate case; utility may respond to audit report. *03873-2003.PDF (1.4 MB)
03/18/2003 CCA/Fiscal - Payment record of $1,000 for staff-assisted rate case filing fee; Deposit D322 dated 3/18/03. *02600-2003.PDF (0.1 MB)
03/17/2003 EPS (Friedman) - Copy of letter dated 3/14/03 to Chairman of Lee County, enclosing copy of application for SARC, pursuant to Section 367.091(2), F.S. *02550-2003.PDF (0.1 MB)
03/06/2003 ECR/Massoudi - Copy of letter dated 3/4/03 to Source, Inc./Elliott advising of 4/2/03 field investigation at 10 a.m.; requests listed items be available for field investigation. *02254-2003.PDF (0.2 MB)
02/28/2003 ECR/Devlin - Copy of 2/28/03 letter to EPS/Cherry advising company is eligible for SARC; $1000 filing fee due 3/31/03. *02035-2003.PDF (0.1 MB)
02/25/2003 AUS/Vandiver - Copy of letter dated 2/25/03 to EPS/Cherry advising of audit to be conducted (Audit Control No. 03-055-4-1); formal report expected to be issued for internal Commission use on 4/28/03. *01900-2003.PDF (0.1 MB)
02/07/2003 EPS (Friedman) - Notice of change of address. *01296-2003.PDF (0.1 MB)
01/30/2003 Environmental Protection Systems of Pine Island, Inc. [EPS] (Cherry) - Application for staff-assisted rate case in Lee County. *00970-2003.PDF (0.9 MB)