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PSC Docket Filings

NOTICE The information in this and related pages was automatically generated from the FPSC’s Case Management System. PDF documents, shown in Red and marked with an asterisk, are an image of the official records docket. Any supplementary document formats, such as word files, are provided for your convenience and may not accurately reflect the contents of the filed document. For more information, please contact the Office of Commission Clerk at or (850) 413-6770.

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Document type All Official Filings Correspondence

Document Detail for Docket Number:20140120 32 documents
Document Order Date Filed Description Files
02/06/2015 CORRESPONDENCE-Administrative: CASR. *00833-2015.pdf (0.7 MB)
01/26/2015 ENG/Hill - Memo dated 1/126/15 to CLK/Stauffer advising that the proof of adjustments agree with the Commission ordered balances; docket should be closed administratively; docket closed by XCM. *00555-2015.pdf (0.2 MB)
01/21/2015 Return receipt card indicating delivery of confidential DNs 05739-14 and 06154-14 in Docket 140120; and confidential DNs 05741-14 and 06152-14 in Docket 140121 to Raintree/Rendell by U.S. Post Office on 1/16/15. *00380-2015.pdf (0.1 MB)
01/13/2015 Brendenwood (Rendell) - Letter dated 1/13/15 with attached general ledger balances showing books have been updated to reflect Commission approved balances as of 5/23/14. *00261-2015.pdf (0.5 MB)
01/13/2015 CLK/Stauffer - Copy of letter dated 1/13/15 to Brendenwood/Rendell returning confidential DNs 05739-14 and 06154-14. *00245-2015.pdf (0.2 MB)
00173-2015 01/09/2015 Consummating Order PSC-15-0035-CO-WU makes Order PSC-14-0691-PAA-WU effective and final; docket to remain open. *00173-2015.pdf (0.1 MB)
00173-2015_15-0035.ord.doc (0 MB)
01/08/2015 ENG/Jones - Memo dated 1/8/15 to CLK/Stauffer with attached inventory of confidential documents by responsible division/office as of 1/8/15, identifying whether each document should be retained or returned to source; advises 12 documents may be returned. *00146-2015.pdf (1.5 MB)
06741-2014 12/15/2014 PAA Order PSC-14-0691-PAA-WU order approving net book value; declining to make a negative acquisition adjustment; and final order approving transfer of the water system and Certificate No. 339-W, to Brendenwood Waterworks, Inc., effective 11/25/14; and continuing existing rates and charges; if no protest, order to become final and effective on issuance of a CO; docket to be closed administratively after Brendenwood Waterworks, Inc. has provided proof that its general ledgers have been updated to reflect the Commission-approved balances as of 11/25/14; protest due 1/5/15. *06741-2014.pdf (0.2 MB)
06741-2014_14-0691.ord.doc (0.1 MB)
12/05/2014 TRANSCRIPT - 11/25/14 Commission conference, Items 19 through 22. [CLK Note: Items 19 (140122), 20 (140135), 21 ( 140120) and 22 (140121) were taken together and one transcript was produced.] *06611-2014.pdf (0 MB)
11/25/2014 Vote sheet from 11/25/14 Commission conference, Item 21. *06494-2014.pdf (0.4 MB)
11/20/2014 AFD/Frank - Memo with noted 11/18/14 response date providing recommendation on confidentiality of DN 06154-14; and attached copy of memo dated 11/18/14 to GCL/Young providing recommendation on confidential DN 06154-14. *06400-2014.pdf (0.4 MB)
11/20/2014 ENG/Ballinger - Note dated 11/20/14 to EXE/Baez; EXD/Harvey requesting approval to make oral modification to Item Nos. 21 and 22, at 11/25/14 Commission conference; includes type-and-strike modification; with approval from EXE/Baez. *06398-2014.pdf (0.1 MB)
11/13/2014 RECOM for 11/25/14 Commission conference, Item 21, from ENG, AFD, IDM and GCL staff. *06295-2014.pdf (0.7 MB)
06295-2014_140120.recom.10-2-2014.doc (0.2 MB)
11/03/2014 Brendenwood (Rendell) - (CONFIDENTIAL) Response to staff's deficiency request letter dated 9/19/14; specifically the personal financial statements of the individual owners of Brendenwood.
11/03/2014 Brendenwood (Rendell) - Letter dated 10/28/14 motion and request for confidential classification [of DN 06154-14]. *06153-2014.pdf (0.4 MB)
10/21/2014 AFD/Frank - Memo with noted 10/1714 response date providing recommendation on confidentiality of DN 05739-14; and attached copy of memo dated 10/17/14 to GCL/Young providing recommendation on confidential DN 05739-14. *05954-2014.pdf (0.4 MB)
10/08/2014 Brendenwood (Rendell) - (CONFIDENTIAL) Response to staff's deficiency request letter dated 9/19/14, specifically personal financial information for Gary Deremer and Vickie Penick.
10/08/2014 Brendenwood (Rendell) - Letter dated 10/2/14 as motion and request for confidential classification [of DN 05739-14]; response to deficiencies; requests an additional two weeks extension to submit personal financial information for Cecil Deicher; includes map requested by staff. *05738-2014.pdf (0.6 MB)
10/02/2014 APA/Deamer, Vedula - Audit report for Brendenwood. (Audit Control No. 14-182-1-1) *05590-2014.pdf (0.3 MB)
09/19/2014 ENG/Vickery - Copy of letter dated 9/19/14 to Brendenwood/Deremer listing deficiencies and additional information needed for application; response requested on or before 10/3/14. *05286-2014.pdf (0.5 MB)
09/12/2014 GCL/Crawford - Memo dated 9/12/14 to all parties of record and interested persons advising of cancellation of informal meeting to be held 9/18/14 at 2:00 p.m., Rm 154, Gunter Bldg, 2540 Shumard Oak Blvd, Tallahassee. [CLK Note: Memo does not include a signature.] *05120-2014.pdf (0.1 MB)
09/11/2014 GCL/Crawford - Memo dated 9/11/14 to all parties of record and interested persons advising of informal meeting to be held 9/18/14 at 2:00 p.m., Rm 154, Gunter Bldg, 2540 Shumard Oak Blvd, Tallahassee. [CLK Note: Memo does not include a signature.] *05090-2014.pdf (0.1 MB)
07/25/2014 Brendenwood (Deremer) - Letter dated 7/22/14, providing responses to staff's deficiency request dated 7/10/14; with attachments. *03979-2014.pdf (4.9 MB)
07/10/2014 ENG/Vickery - Memo dated 7/10/14 to CLK/Stauffer with attached deficiency letter to Gary Deremer for docket file. *03609-2014.pdf (0.7 MB)
07/01/2014 APA/Deamer - Copy of letter dated 7/1/14 to Brendenwood/Connolly advising the Commission will conduct an audit (Audit Control No. 14-182-1-1); formal report expected to be issued for internal Commission use on 9/29/14. *03404-2014.pdf (0.2 MB)
06/17/2014 Brendenwood (Rendell) - Letter dated 6/16/14 with attached affidavit of publication from the Daily Commercial and newspaper notice. *03042-2014.pdf (0.8 MB)
06/16/2014 Docket correspondence - Parties and Interested Persons. [CLK note: Subsequent correspondence from parties will be appended to this document.] *03110-2014.pdf (0.1 MB)
06/12/2014 [Brendenwood] - Notice of application [for approval of] transfer of water certificate in Lake County. *02945-2014.pdf (0.2 MB)
06/10/2014 Docket correspondence - Administrative. [CLK note: Subsequent administrative correspondence will be appended to this document.] *02903-2014.pdf (0.2 MB)
06/10/2014 AIT/Fiscal - $750 payment record from Brendenwood for filing fee; Dep 430 dated 6/11/14. *02896-2014.pdf (0.3 MB)
06/10/2014 Brendenwood (Deremer) - [Two] affidavits of mailing, Exhs L and M to application [for approval to] transfer water certificate in Lake County; with attached notice as sent to utilities, governmental bodies, agencies, and municipalities, and customers. [CLK note: See DN 02751-14 for application.] *02850-2014.pdf (1.2 MB)
06/05/2014 Brendenwood Waterworks, Inc. [Brendenwood] (Deremer) - Application for approval of transfer of Certificate Nos. [sic] 339-W from Water System of Brendenwood Utilities, LLC [sic] in Lake County. [CLK Note: Phone number for Brendenwood Utilities, LLC listed in application does not match MCD.] [CLK note: See DN 02850-14 for Exhs L and M to application.] *02751-2014.pdf (24.5 MB)