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PSC Docket Filings

NOTICE The information in this and related pages was automatically generated from the FPSC’s Case Management System. PDF documents, shown in Red and marked with an asterisk, are an image of the official records docket. Any supplementary document formats, such as word files, are provided for your convenience and may not accurately reflect the contents of the filed document. For more information, please contact the Office of Commission Clerk at or (850) 413-6770.

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Document type All Official Filings Correspondence

Document Detail for Docket Number:20150022 18 documents
Document Order Date Filed Description Files
12/05/2016 CORRESPONDENCE-Parties & Interested Persons: CLK/Roehner - Notification to OPC/Davis that OPC/Roth has been removed and OPC/Rehwinkel has been added as an interested person. *09130-2016.pdf (0.1 MB)
10/01/2015 AIT/Fiscal - $13,972.34 payment record from Wildwood (WU937) for 2009, 2010 and 2011 RAFs; Dep 582 dated 9/22/15. *06198-2015.pdf (0.2 MB)
06194-2015 10/01/2015 Amendatory Order PSC-15-0400A-AS-WU incorporating correct Exh B of Settlement Agreement as Attachment 1, and removing duplicate Exh A on page 18 of Order PSC-15-0400-AS-WU; Order PSC-15-0400-AS-WU is reaffirmed in all other respects. [See DN 05974-15] *06194-2015.pdf (0.2 MB)
06194-2015_15-0400a.ord.docx (0.1 MB)
05974-2015 09/22/2015 Order PSC-15-0400-AS-WU approving settlement and finalizing show cause order; docket shall remain open to process settlement payments received and to monitor compliance with the terms; docket to be administratively closed once all of the terms on the Settlement Agreement and all outstanding amounts owed by Wildwood have been satisfied; should Wildwood breach terms, FPSC shall seek to enforce the Settlement Agreement. *05974-2015.pdf (1 MB)
05974-2015_15-0400.ord.docx (1.1 MB)
09/21/2015 TRANSCRIPT - 9/15/15 Commission conference, Item 2. *05896-2015.pdf (0.1 MB)
09/15/2015 Vote sheet from 9/15/15 Commission conference, Item 2. *05742-2015.pdf (0.3 MB)
09/03/2015 RECOM for 9/15/15 Commission conference, Item 2, from GCL, AFD, AIT and ECO staff. *05534-2015.pdf (1.3 MB)
05534-2015_150022- recommendation-settlement.kfc (9-3-2015)final.docx (1.2 MB)
08/27/2015 CORRESPONDENCE-Parties & Interested Persons: CLK/Menasco - Requesting clarification to OPC/Davis regarding OPC party status in docket 140153-WS; confirmation of substitution of OPC/Reilly with OPC/Roth in all other dockets. *05329-2015.pdf (0.1 MB)
08/19/2015 CORRESPONDENCE-Parties & Interested Persons: CLK/Charles - Clarification of e-filing procedures to Sundstrom/Deterding. *05175-2015.pdf (0.1 MB)
08/18/2015 Wildwood (Deterding) - Settlement agreement. *05154-2015.pdf (0.2 MB)
06/03/2015 CORRESPONDENCE-Parties & Interested Persons: CLK/Menasco - Notification of ineligible e-filing because it is a CASR to GCL/Corbari [CLK Note: Filed late due to clerical error] (ID#4576). *03314-2015.pdf (0.1 MB)
05/04/2015 GCL/Corbari - Memo dated 5/4/15 to all parties of record and interested persons advising of informal meeting to be held 5/7/15, at 10:30-11:30 a.m., Gunter Bldg, Rm 154, 2540 Shumard Oak Blvd, Tallahassee. *02545-2015.pdf (0.1 MB)
03/31/2015 GCL/Corbari - Memo dated 3/31/15 to CLK/Stauffer with attached correspondence from Wildwood, for docket file. *01749-2015.pdf (0.2 MB)
01/29/2015 CORRESPONDENCE-Parties & Interested Persons: CLK/Menasco - Adding OPC/Kelly and Reilly as interested persons to multiple dockets. *00602-2015.pdf (0.1 MB)
01/28/2015 GCL/Corbari - Memo dated 1/28/15, to CLK/Stauffer with attached signed, certified, return receipt card evidencing receipt of staff's 1/8/15, letter to Wildwood, advising of initiation of enforcement proceedings (DN 00158-15); for docket file. *00597-2015.pdf (0.2 MB)
01/08/2015 GCL/Corbari - Copy of letter dated 1/8/15 to Wildwood/Mills advising that the FPSC has opened a docket initiating show cause proceedings against Wildwood for violation of Commission rules and regulations; recommendation to be presented at the 4/14/15 Commission conference; 2014 annual reports and RAFs to be submitted by 3/31/15. *00158-2015.pdf (0.3 MB)
01/07/2015 GCL/Corbari - Note dated 1/7/15 to CLK/Menasco requesting revision to docket title to include Section 367.121, F.S. [Title updated.] *00131-2015.pdf (0.1 MB)
01/06/2015 GCL/Corbari request to establish docket: Initiation of show cause proceedings against Wildwood Water Company in St. Johns County for violations of Sections 350.113, 367.145, and 367.161, FS, and Rules 25-30.120 and 25-30.110, FAC. *00118-2015.pdf (1.3 MB)