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PSC Docket Filings

NOTICE The information in this and related pages was automatically generated from the FPSC’s Case Management System. PDF documents, shown in Red and marked with an asterisk, are an image of the official records docket. Any supplementary document formats, such as word files, are provided for your convenience and may not accurately reflect the contents of the filed document. For more information, please contact the Office of Commission Clerk at or (850) 413-6770.

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Document type All Official Filings Correspondence

Document Detail for Docket Number:20170067 12 documents
Document Order Date Filed Description Files
07/26/2017 CORRESPONDENCE-Administrative: CASR. *06239-2017.pdf (0.5 MB)
06158-2017 07/24/2017 Consummating Order PSC-2017-0284-CO-GU makes Order PSC-17-0247-TRF-GU effective and final; docket to be closed. *06158-2017.pdf (0.2 MB)
06158-2017_2017-0284.ord.docx (0 MB)
05528-2017 06/26/2017 Order PSC-17-0247-TRF-GU approving Chesapeake's petition to modify phase two of experimental transitional transportation pilot program to suspend open enrollment process and the associated annual report is hereby approved effective 6/5/17; if no protest, docket to be closed upon issuance of a CO; protest due 7/17/17. *05528-2017.pdf (0.8 MB)
05528-2017_17-0247.ord.docx (1.2 MB)
06/12/2017 TRANSCRIPT - 6/5/17 Commission conference, Item 15. *05283-2017.pdf (0.1 MB)
06/05/2017 Vote sheet from 6/5/17 Commission conference, Item 15. *05183-2017.pdf (0.2 MB)
05/24/2017 RECOM for 6/5/17 Commission conference, Item 15, from ECO and GCL staff. *04998-2017.pdf (2.5 MB)
04998-2017_170067 rec.docx (1.3 MB)
04/28/2017 Chesapeake (Keating) - Letter dated 4/28/17, with attached revised responses to staff's first data requests; advises this version includes the referenced first revised Sheet No. 11, in clean and tracked changes which was inadvertently omitted from the previously filed version. [CLK note: See DN 04490-17 for originally filed version.] *04507-2017.pdf (0.3 MB)
04/28/2017 Chesapeake (Keating) - Letter dated 4/28/17, with attached responses to staff's first data requests. *04490-2017.pdf (0.2 MB)
04/12/2017 ECO/Ollila - Copy of letter dated 4/12/17 to FPUC and Chesapeake/Keating and Cassel titled "staff's first data request;" information requested by 4/26/17. *04196-2017.pdf (0.1 MB)
04/03/2017 CORRESPONDENCE-Administrative: Acknowledgement letter. *03996-2017.pdf (0.2 MB)
03/30/2017 ECO/Ollila - Memo dated 3/30/17 to CLK/Stauffer with attached email for docket file. *03918-2017.pdf (0.1 MB)
03/28/2017 Florida Division of Chesapeake Utilities Corporation [Chesapeake] (Keating) - Petition for approval to modify phase two of experimental transitional [transportation] pilot program to suspend open enrollment process. *03875-2017.pdf (2.8 MB)