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PSC Docket List

This information displays the latest update to records on file with the Office of Commission Clerk.
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CASRs Approved Between 12/22/2017 and 1/21/2018 (25 Records)
Docket Number Date Docketed CASR Approved Docket Title Docket Filings
20180019-TA 1/16/2018 1/18/2018 Petition for expedited review of growth code denial by number pooling administrator for the Tampa South-FL exchange, by Teleport Communications America, LLC-FL. [Docket Filings]
20180013-PU 1/09/2018 1/17/2018 Petition to establish a generic docket to investigate and adjust rates for 2018 tax savings, by Office of Public Counsel. [Docket Filings]
20180012-TP 1/08/2018 1/12/2018 Request for approval of Amendment No. 6 to interconnection, unbundling, resale, and collocation agreement between Frontier Florida LLC (f/k/a Verizon Florida Inc.) and TCG South Florida. [Docket Filings]
20180010-TA 1/02/2018 1/19/2018 Petition for expedited review of NXX-X code denial by Number Pooling Administrator for the Ft. Walton Beach rate center, by Teleport Communications America, LLC - FL. [Docket Filings]
20180009-EI 1/02/2018 1/18/2018 Nuclear cost recovery clause. [Docket Filings]
20180007-EI 1/02/2018 1/18/2018 Environmental cost recovery clause. [Docket Filings]
20180006-WS 1/02/2018 1/18/2018 Water and wastewater industry annual reestablishment of authorized range of return on common equity for water and wastewater utilities pursuant to Section 367.081(4)(f), F.S. [Docket Filings]
20180005-WS 1/02/2018 1/18/2018 Annual reestablishment of price increase or decrease index of major categories of operating costs incurred by water and wastewater utilities pursuant to Section 367.081(4)(a), F.S. [Docket Filings]
20180003-GU 1/02/2018 1/11/2018 Purchased gas adjustment (PGA) true-up. [Docket Filings]
20180001-EI 1/02/2018 1/9/2018 Fuel and purchased power cost recovery clause with generating performance incentive factor. [Docket Filings]
20170273-EQ 12/29/2017 1/9/2018 Petition by Sunrun Inc. for declaratory statement concerning leasing of solar equipment. [Docket Filings]
20170272-EI 12/28/2017 1/4/2018 Application for limited proceeding for recovery of incremental storm restoration costs related to Hurricanes Irma and Nate, by Duke Energy Florida, LLC. [Docket Filings]
20170271-EI 12/28/2017 1/4/2018 Petition for recovery of costs associated with named tropical systems during the 2015, 2016, and 2017 hurricane seasons and replenishment of storm reserve subject to final true-up, Tampa Electric Company. [Docket Filings]
20170270-WS 12/27/2017 1/11/2018 Application for acknowledgment of transfer of receivership to Polk County, and cancellation of Certificate Nos. 634-W and 544-S, by Four Points Utility Corporation. [Docket Filings]
20170269-TX 12/22/2017 12/27/2017 Request for cancellation of Certificate of Necessity No. 5152 by Intellicall Operator Services, Inc., effective December 22, 2017. [Docket Filings]
20170268-TC 12/22/2017 12/27/2017 Request for cancellation of PATS Certificate No. 8373 by Achieva Telecom Services, Inc. d/b/a Talk's Cheap, effective December 31, 2017. [Docket Filings]
20170265-GU 12/21/2017 1/18/2018 Application for approval of new depreciation rates effective January 1, 2018, by St. Joe Natural Gas Company, Inc. [Docket Filings]
20170264-TL 12/20/2017 12/27/2017 Request for approval of name change on ILEC Certificate No. 29 from GTC, Inc. d/b/a FairPoint Communications to GTC, Inc. d/b/a Consolidated Communications/GTC. [Docket Filings]
20170263-TP 12/20/2017 12/27/2017 Amendments to Rule 25-4.511, F.A.C., Application for Certificate and repeal of Rule 25-4.512, F.A.C., Application for Approval of Sale or Transfer of Certificate. [Docket Filings]
20170262-TP 12/20/2017 12/27/2017 Amendments to Rule 25-4.004, F.A.C., Certificates of Necessity or Authority; Application and repeal of Rule 25-4.005, F.A.C., Transfer of Certificate of Necessity or Authority. [Docket Filings]
20170261-TC 12/19/2017 12/26/2017 Request for cancellation of PATS Certificate No. 8870 by Central Florida Haven of Hope Ministries, Inc., effective December 31, 2017. [Docket Filings]
20170260-EI 12/14/2017 1/9/2018 Petition for limited proceeding to approve first solar base rate adjustment (SoBRA), effective September 1, 2018. [Docket Filings]
20170254-WU 11/30/2017 12/29/2017 Application for grandfather certificate in Leon County to provide water service to the Blount's Landing Community by Lake Talquin Water Company, Inc. [Docket Filings]
20170249-WS 11/20/2017 12/26/2017 Application for certificates to provide water and wastewater service in Orange County by RSPI MHC, LLC. [Docket Filings]
20170246-SU 11/17/2017 12/26/2017 Application for authority to transfer facilities and Certificate No. 515-S in Polk County from West Lakeland Wastewater, Inc. to West Lakeland Wastewater, LLC. [Docket Filings]