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PSC Docket List

This information displays the latest update to records on file with the Office of Commission Clerk.
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CASRs Approved Between 6/16/2019 and 7/16/2019 (14 Records)
Docket Number Date Docketed CASR Approved Docket Title Docket Filings
20190138-EC 7/08/2019 7/9/2019 Petition by Peace River Electric Cooperative, Inc. to establish temporary tariffs for customers previously served by Duke Energy Florida, LLC. [Docket Filings]
20190136-EI 6/28/2019 7/12/2019 Petition for a limited proceeding to approve third SoBRA, by Tampa Electric Company. [Docket Filings]
20190135-TP 6/27/2019 7/3/2019 Petition of North American Numbering Plan Administrator on behalf of the Florida telecommunications industry, for approval of relief plan for the exhaust of the 850 area code. [Docket Filings]
20190134-TP 6/19/2019 6/21/2019 Request for approval of interconnection agreement between Smart City Telecommunications LLC d/b/a Smart City Telecom and Comcast Phone of Florida, LLC d/b/a Comcast Digital Phone. [Docket Filings]
20190133-WU 6/18/2019 7/1/2019 Application for approval of an 8" general service meter rate by Pluris Wedgefield, LLC. [Docket Filings]
20190132-EI 6/18/2019 7/9/2019 Petition for authority for approval of non-firm energy pilot program and tariff by Florida Public Utilities Company. [Docket Filings]
20190131-EU 6/18/2019 6/19/2019 Proposed adoption of Rule 25-6.030, F.A.C., Storm Protection Plan and Rule 25-6.031, F.A.C., Storm Protection Plan Cost Recovery Clause, and proposed amendment or repeal of Rule 25-6.0143, F.A.C., Use of Accumulated Provision Accounts 228.1, 228.2, and 228.4, Rule 25-6.034, F.A.C., Standard of Construction, Rule 25-6.0341, F.A.C., Location of the Utility’s Electric Distribution Facilities, Rule 25-6.0342, F.A.C., Electric Infrastructure Storm Hardening, Rule 25-6.0343, F.A.C., Municipal Electric Utility and Rural Electric Cooperative Reporting Requirements, Rule 25-6.0345, F.A.C., Safety Standards for Construction of New Transmission and Distribution Facilities, Rule 25-6.044, F.A.C., Continuity of Service, Rule 25-6.0455, F.A.C., Annual Distribution Service Reliability Report, Rule 25-6.061, F.A.C., Relocation of Poles, Rule 25-6.064, F.A.C., Contribution-in-Aid-of-Construction for Installation of New or Upgraded Facilities, Rule 25-6.077, F.A.C., Installation of Underground Distribution Systems within New Subdivisions, Rule 25-6.078, F.A.C., Schedule of Charges, Installation of Underground Distribution Systems within New Subdivisions, Rule 25-6.081, F.A.C., Construction Practices, and Rule 25-6.115, F.A.C., Facility Charges for Conversion of Existing Overhead Investor-owned Distribution Facilities. [Docket Filings]
20190130-EI 6/17/2019 6/19/2019 Petition for waiver of depreciation study filing requirement in Rule 25-6.0436(4)(a), F.A.C., by Florida Public Utilities Company. [Docket Filings]
20190129-TP 6/14/2019 6/21/2019 Request for approval of amendment to interconnection, unbundling, resale, and collocation agreement between BellSouth Telecommunications, LLC d/b/a AT&T Florida d/b/a AT&T Southeast and Micro-Comm, Inc. [Docket Filings]
20190128-GU 6/10/2019 6/21/2019 Petition for approval of transportation service agreement with Florida Division of Chesapeake Utilities Corporation by Peninsula Pipeline Company, Inc. [Docket Filings]
20190127-GU 6/10/2019 6/21/2019 Petition for approval of transportation service agreement with Florida Public Utilities Company by Peninsula Pipeline Company, Inc. [Docket Filings]
20190124-WU 6/06/2019 7/1/2019 Petition for limited alternative rate increase in Lake County by Raintree Waterworks, Inc. [Docket Filings]
20190122-WU 5/31/2019 6/18/2019 Request for cancellation of Certificate No. 626-W by B & C Water Resources, L.L.C. [Docket Filings]
20190121-WS 5/29/2019 6/19/2019 Application for limited proceeding rate increase in Polk County, by CHC VII, Ltd. [Docket Filings]