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2012 Energy Law

House Bill 7117, a broad energy bill enacted during the 2012 Regular Session of the Florida Legislature became effective on July 1, 2012. The bill in part addresses renewable energy, energy efficiency and conservation, and electric vehicles. Some specific areas impacting the Florida Public Service Commission (FPSC), include:
  • Existing and proposed renewable energy resources must be reported to the FPSC in electric utility Ten-Year Site Plans, filed annually.

  • Contract for an independent evaluation of the Florida Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act to determine if the Act remains in the public interest. The report must be submitted to the Governor and to the Legislature by January 31, 2013. The University of Florida and the National Regulatory Research Institute conducted the study and prepared the report, which can be accessed below.

  • Prepare a report to the Governor and to the Legislature, by December 31, 2012, on the impact of electric vehicle charging stations on the electric grid and energy consumption. Also, the feasibility of using off-grid solar photovoltaic facilities as a source of charging for electric vehicles must be addressed.

  • Consult with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services in the development of its web-based clearinghouse with information on energy efficiency and conservation.

Non-utility providers of electric vehicle charging are exempted from FPSC’s ratesetting authority.

Read the complete law here (PDF size=120KB).