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April 24, 2014


Office of Commission Clerk (Stauffer)


Division of Economics (Garl)

Office of the General Counsel (M. Brown)

Office of Industry Development and Market Analysis (B. Crawford)


Docket No. 140070-EI – Petition for approval of voluntary solar partnership pilot program and tariff, by Florida Power & Light Company.


05/09/14Regular Agenda – Tariff Filing – Interested Persons May Participate


All Commissioners




06/02/14 (60-Day Suspension Date)




 Case Background

On April 2, 2014, Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) filed a petition requesting Commission approval of a new three-year voluntary solar partnership (VSP) pilot program and its associated VSP experimental rider tariff.  The new program would offer all FPL customers an opportunity to participate voluntarily in a program designed to contribute to the construction and operation of solar (photovoltaic) generation facilities located in communities throughout FPL’s service territory.  The renewable energy generated from these solar facilities would help power all FPL customers and displace energy that would otherwise be produced from non-renewable fossil fuels.  The Commission has jurisdiction over this matter pursuant to Sections 366.05, 366.06, and 366.075, Florida Statutes (F.S.).


Discussion of Issues

Issue 1

 Should the Commission suspend the tariff associated with the voluntary solar partnership pilot program proposed by Florida Power & Light Company?


 Yes.  (Garl, B. Crawford, M. Brown)

Staff Analysis

 Staff recommends that the tariffs be suspended to allow staff sufficient time to review the petition and gather all pertinent information in order to present the Commission with an informed recommendation on the tariff proposals.

Pursuant to Section 366.06(3), F.S., the Commission may withhold consent to the operation of all or any portion of a new rate schedule, delivering to the utility requesting such increase a reason or written statement of good cause for doing so within 60 days.  Staff believes that the reason stated above is good cause consistent with the requirement of Section 366.06(3), F.S.


Issue 2

 Should this docket be closed?


 No.  This docket should remain open pending the Commission’s decision on the proposed tariff revisions.  (M. Brown)

Staff Analysis

 This docket should remain open pending the Commission’s decision on the proposed tariff revisions.