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Telecommunications Service Schedule Filings Results

This search produced 5 records.

Tariff Number Action Company Effective Date Date Filed Official Filing Date Description Recomm Date Agenda Date Download PDF Tariff Website
T950646 AGENDA 05/07/1996 10/12/1995 Not Entered IXC application for Atlas Communications, Inc. Official Filing Date is 10/5/95 12/07/1995 12/19/1995 (0) Not Available
T990342 ADMIN 03/05/1999 03/04/1999 Not Entered Filing revises Switched Inbound Usage and Dedicated Outbound Usage Rates. Not Entered Not Entered (0) Not Available
T980652 ADMIN 05/11/1998 05/08/1998 Not Entered Filing adds Payphone Use Service Charge and intrastate service programs. Not Entered Not Entered (0) Not Available
T970500 ADMIN 07/03/1997 06/04/1997 Not Entered Filing adds language regarding IXC resellers. Not Entered Not Entered (0) Not Available
T970252 ADMIN 03/27/1997 03/26/1997 Not Entered Filing adds services and makes text changes. Not Entered Not Entered (0) Not Available