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Telecommunications Service Schedule Filings Results

This search produced 4 records.

Tariff Number Action Company Effective Date Date Filed Official Filing Date Description Recomm Date Agenda Date Download PDF Tariff Website
T080831 ADMIN 12/06/2008 12/08/2008 12/05/2008 This filing is to increase the rates for service for the Startec Direct Dialed Plan as well as making minor textual changes. Not Entered Not Entered (0) Not Available
T070656 ADMIN 09/01/2007 08/31/2007 Not Entered This filing adds fees and various text edits. Not Entered Not Entered (0) Not Available
T060219 ADMIN 04/11/2006 04/10/2006 Not Entered Filing reduces rates for STARTEC Direct Dial service. Not Entered Not Entered (0) Not Available
T060140 ADMIN 01/18/2006 03/08/2006 01/18/2006 Filing cancels the IXC registration of Startec Global Licensing Company (TJ198) and transfers the tariff to Startec Global Operating Company (TK051), revises company name throughout tariff. For all previous filings, see company code TJ198. 02/23/2006 Not Entered (0) Not Available