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Water & Wastewater Regulation

The FPSC is responsible for the economic regulation of investor-owned water and/or wastewater facilities in certain counties throughout the state, assuring adequate service and setting just, reasonable, compensatory and nondiscriminatory rates. We process water and/or wastewater certification requests, transfers, amendments, and cancellation requests. We also acknowledge abandonments. Environmental regulation of water and/or wastewater utilities in areas such as water withdrawal permits, sewage disposal and health and safety standards is the responsibility of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), the Water Management Districts (WMD) and the local county health agencies.

A significant number of rate case filings are also processed each year. The majority of these cases involve requests for rate increases resulting from the increased costs of providing service. The type of rate proceeding a utility may file (e.g., staff assisted, proposed agency action, limited proceeding, etc.) depends on its size and circumstance. Other cases involve overearnings investigations to determine if a rate reduction is necessary.

In most cases, when the utility files an application for a rate change, the FPSC determines the overall quality of service provided. This determination is made after evaluating: (1) the quality of the utility’s product; (2) the operational conditions of the utility’s plant and facilities; and, (3) the utility’s attempt to address customer satisfaction. When a consumer issue arises outside of a rate change proceeding, and the issue of concern is within the FPSC’s jurisdiction, a staff member is assigned to work with the consumer and utility personnel to resolve the matter.

We believe customer outreach is vital to providing overall quality of service. We urge all investor-owned water and wastewater utilities to periodically reach-out to their customers via any combination of meetings, emails, social media, interactive website, or whatever medium is appropriate for your customer base. Some suggested topics to address are:
  • The status of the utility’s operations;
  • The results of the Consumer Confidence Report;
  • The need for system improvements;
  • Water quality issues
Last, we welcome and encourage you to contact FPSC staff and maintain working liaisons with us. This leads to better relations between the staff and utilities and provides for faster and more efficient completion of regulatory requirements.