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Chairman Brise
Commission Update

MAY 2012

Ronald A. Brisé
Chairman, FPSC
Being Prepared:
PSC Makes Sure Florida Electric Utilities Weather the Storm

As May draws to a close, we brace for the arrival of Florida’s hot summer months and the start of hurricane season. Florida summers often require increased water use for lawns, pools, and drinking. This might be why National Drinking Water Week and Water Reuse Week are both in May to remind us to conserve and protect our water resources every day.

Keeping Watch on Water
May 6-12 was National Drinking Water Week sponsored by the American Water Works Association to increase drinking water awareness. Often taken for granted, drinking water plays a vital role in our daily lives. National Drinking Water Week helps us appreciate the community support high-quality tap water provides, including public health, fire protection, economic, and quality of life. Florida’s Public Service Commission (PSC) regulates investor-owned (IOU) water and wastewater companies in 36 Florida counties—with many of these utilities providing service to your homes.

For some practical home and landscape water conservation tips, visit our Water House at

May 20-26 was Water Reuse Week for some Florida counties. According to Florida’s Department of Environmental Protection Web site, Florida leads the nation in reusing more than 660 million gallons of reclaimed water per day, easing the demand on traditional, often limited, sources of water. Water reuse plays an important role in Florida’s water resource, wastewater, and ecosystem management, allowing communities to grow while minimizing or even reducing their water resource impact. With recent technology and design advances, treating and reusing wastewater for drinking, irrigation, and industry could significantly increase available water resources, particularly in coastal areas facing water shortages, according to a National Research Council report.

Weathering Storms
As Floridians are well aware, the end of May also means that June 1, the first day of Hurricane Season, is quickly approaching. In 2006, following two active hurricane seasons, the PSC directed the state’s five electric IOUs to increase efforts to protect delivery systems against severe storm damage and improve power restoration efforts when widespread outages occur. To ensure critical utility infrastructure is strengthened to reduce outages and restoration costs, we initiated storm hardening rules that require the IOUs to submit their preparedness plans for Commission review every three years.

In approving the IOUs’ storm plans, the Commission reviews each utility’s wooden pole inspections, PSC-mandated storm preparedness initiatives (such as vegetation maintenance and critical infrastructure hardening), National Electric Safety Code compliance, flooding and storm surge mitigation, facility placement and deployment strategies, extreme wind loading standards, and costs. As a result, Florida’s electric utilities now have comprehensive, year-round storm plans as a commitment to their customers should severe weather strike.

The PSC annually reviews the state’s major electric and telephone companies’ storm hardening efforts to protect transmission and distribution facilities, including vegetation management; maintenance and repairs; and coordination with other utilities, government, and community groups. When storms do occur, we know the utilities’ preparation will minimize electrical outages and expedite response times to help communities quickly recover.

The PSC makes storm safety a top priority, and we want you to do the same. You can make storm preparation fun by using our Hurricane House. Involve your children and grandchildren in storm planning by exploring the PSC’s interactive, online Hurricane House together. Click on each room or item to learn 19 ways to prepare your family and your home for severe weather, from storing fresh water to dealing with downed power lines.

Find the Hurricane House in English and Spanish under Hot Topics on the PSC’s Web site at

Enjoy your Florida summer, but remember to conserve water and energy while you’re lazing in the pool or lounging in your air conditioned home. Hurricane Season has not yet “officially” begun, and we’ve experienced two tropical storms – Alberto and Beryl. While we hope storms Chris through William never occur, it’s reassuring to know that our electric utilities are prepared to respond to storm events quickly and efficiently.

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Fax information to us toll-free, 800-511-0809
Send a letter to:
The Florida Public Service Commission
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Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0850

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In June, PSC staff will hold a Customer Meeting in Jacksonville for Regency Utilities' rate request on June 7 ♦ Commissioners will hear from Florida Power & Light Company customers about the company's rate request at Customer Service Hearings in Daytona Beach on June 12, Melbourne on June 13, West Palm Beach on June 14, Miami and Miami Gardens on June 26, and Plantation and Ft. Lauderdale on June 27 ♦ A PSC Commission Conference is on June 19 ♦ PSC staff will hold a Customer Meeting in Auburndale for Sunrise Utilities' rate request on June 28.

May Press Releases

PSC Approves Relay System Budget 5/8/2012

PSC Chairman Ronald A. Brisé Participates in Panel on Florida's Energy Future 5/18/2012

PSC Net Metering Rule Helps Tropicana Generate and Use Renewable Energy 5/22/2012

PSC Proposes Rules to Lower Customer Costs 5/22/2012

PSC's Annual Stormhardening Review Keeps Electric Utilities Prepared for Hurricane Season 5/25/2012

PSC Helps Seniors Learn to Conserve Resources and Save Money During Older Americans Month 5/25/2012

PSC Customer Service Hearings Set for FPL Rate Request in Sarasota and Ft. Myers 5/29/2012

Notable FPSC Orders
Filed From May 1 - 31, 2012

Telecommunications Companies
Docket Nos. 120086-120094; 120097-120102; 120105-120122; 120137; 120138
Order Nos. PSC-12-0242-PAA-TX; PSC-12-0244-PAA-TX; PSC-12-0245-PAA-TX
Imposing penalties and collection costs, and requiring payment of delinquent Regulatory Assessment Fees, or cancelling certificates to provide telecommunications services for violation of Rule 25-4.0161, Florida Administrative Code.
♦   ♦   ♦

Florida Power & Light Company
Docket No. 120040
Order No. PSC-12-0232-PCO-EI
Denying FPL's motion to dismiss complaint; and granting FPL's motion for more definitive statement; if Wellington A Homeowners Association, Inc. fails to file a more definite statement within thirty days, complaint to be dismissed and docket to be closed.
♦   ♦   ♦

Florida Public Utilities Company
Peoples Gas System
Peninsula Pipeline Company

Docket Nos. 110277 110271
Order No. PSC-12-0230-PAA-GU
Approving FPUC and PGS' territorial agreement; approving FPUC's tariff modifications, effective 4/10/12; approving FPUC and Peninsula's revised agreement; approving PGS and Peninsula's gas transportation agreement.
♦   ♦   ♦

Florida Telecommunications Relay, Inc.
Docket No. 040763
Order No. PSC-12-0257-PAA-TP
Approving FTRI's 2012-2013 budget maintaining $0.11 monthly surcharge for telecommunications relay services; protest due 6/15/12.

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