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History of the PSC

Picture of Train The Public Service Commission was
originally created to regulate the
railroad industry in Florida.



The PSC, created by the Florida Legislature in 1887, was originally called the Florida Railroad Commission. The primary purpose of the Commission was the regulation of railroad passenger and freight rates and operations. The Legislature abolished the Commission in 1891, but re-established it in 1897.

As Florida's population grew and its industry base diversified, the Legislature conferred upon the Commission additional responsibilities. These ever changing charges include periods of both regulatory expansion and deregulation. Regulatory authority over various industries began as follows:

  • 1911 Telephone & Telegraph
  • 1929 Motor Carrier Transportation
  • 1951 Investor-Owned Electrics
  • 1952 Natural Gas
  • 1959 Water and Wastewater
  • 1972 Airlines

In 1974 the Legislature gave the Commission rate structure jurisdiction over municipal and rural cooperative electric utilities. Due to deregulation, the Commission lost jurisdiction over airlines in 1978. In 1980, motor carriers were deregulated; five years later, railroads were deregulated. The Commission received safety jurisdiction over all electric utilities in 1986. And in 1995, legislation was approved allowing competition for local exchange telephone service.

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