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Consumer Tip (Monday, September 20, 2010)

Where to Find Help in Florida  


Since the word “public” begins our name, you might think the public would know who we are and what we do. Calls to the PSC’s toll-free number, however, indicated that many consumers don’t know we regulate utilities. In fact, some think the PSC can help with any problem because “public” is in our name. For example, can we help change their bank statements, pay child support, file a complaint against a hairdresser, or locate a construction company? That’s why we’ve produced a booklet, Where to Find Help in Florida, to tell people what we do and don’t do, and offer more information on the help they need.


Where to Find Help in Florida can assist you in locating the appropriate agency to address your particular issue. For example, the booklet can give you the requirements for rent subsidies or tell you who to call about applying for Medicaid.


Here is a link to Where to Find Help in Florida:


Let’s take a walk through the many resources available at the PSC to help you:

Where to find help in Florida?
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