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This information displays the latest update to records on file with the Office of Commission Clerk and is refreshed at 30 minute intervals from 7:30 am to 9:00 pm every weekday.

Docket 110313 (CLOSED) -- Initiation of rulemaking to adopt Rule 25-6.0346, and to amend Rules 25-6.019, 25-6.0345, 25-6.060, 25-7.059, 25-7.060, 25-7.061, 25-7.062, 25-7.064, 25-7.065, 25-7.066, 25-7.070, 25-7.071, 25-7.084, 25-12.005, 25-12.008, 25-12.027, 25-12.052, and 25-12.082, F.A.C.

Document Filings Index

Time Schedule (CASR) for Docket 110313

DescriptionPrevious Due DateDue DateCompleted Date
FAW Notice Filed (Staff Rule Dev. Wkshp) none12/06/201112/07/2011
Notice - Staff Rule Development Workshop none01/04/201201/04/2012
Staff Rule Development Workshop none01/19/201201/19/2012
Transcript Due none02/02/201201/23/2012
Post Hearing Comments due none02/10/201202/10/2012
FAW Notice Filed Rule Develop Workshop none04/03/201204/04/2012
Notice - Develop of Rulemaking to Adopt&Amend none04/11/201204/12/2012
FAW Notice Filed for Workshop none05/01/201205/01/2012
Notice of Staff's Rule Development Workshop none05/29/201205/29/2012
Rule Development Workshop - Staff none06/21/201206/21/2012
Staff Recommendation (25-7 and 25-12 rules) 06/07/201207/05/201207/05/2012
Transcript of Workshop Due none07/11/201206/27/2012
Agenda (25-7and 25-12 rules) 06/19/201207/17/201207/17/2012
Workshop Comments Due none07/18/2012none
FAW of Rules Development Filed none07/18/201207/18/2012
Notice to JAPC none07/20/201207/20/2012
Order Noticing Rulemaking Amend/Adopt (25-7 and 2507/09/201208/06/201207/20/2012
Notice to JAPC none09/07/201209/07/2012
File Rule With Secretary of State none09/21/201209/21/2012
Notice Adopting Rule W/O Chgs as listed in Order none09/26/201209/26/2012
Staff Recommendation none10/04/201210/04/2012
Notice of Adoption of Rules as listed in Order none10/10/201210/10/2012
Agenda none10/16/201210/16/2012
FAR Notice Filed none10/22/201210/22/2012
Order Noticing Rulemaking to Adopt/Amend Rules none10/24/201210/24/2012
Notice to JAPC none10/24/201210/24/2012
Order Noticing Change to Proposed Rules none11/05/201210/23/2012
Request for Hearing/Comments Due none11/13/2012none
File Rule With Secretary of State none11/19/201211/19/2012
File Rule With Secretary of State none11/26/201211/26/2012
Order Noticing Adoption of Rule none11/27/201211/27/2012
Close Docket or Revise CASR 10/31/201212/31/201211/30/2012

Utilities Involved in Docket 110313

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Parties of Record and Interested Parties in Docket 110313

Parties of Record (0)
Interested Persons (5)
All Electric Utilities

All Gas Utilities

Joint Administrative Procedures Committee
Ken Plante, Coordinator
680 Pepper Building
111 W. Madison St.
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1400
Phone: 850-488-9110
FAX: 850-922-6934
MCD Notice of Rulemaking (Electric)

MCD Notice of Rulemaking (Gas)

Staff Assigned to Docket 110313 A Pre-Hearing Officer was initially assigned on: 12/02/2011

PSC Staff
Commission Suite
    All Commissioners -- Hearing Officer(s)
   Lisa Edgar -- Pre-Hearing Officer
Division of Economics
   William McNulty
Division of Engineering
   Anita Black
   Richard Moses
   Robert Trotter
Office of the General Counsel
   Kathryn Cowdery

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