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Copies of Documents and Public Records Requests

The Florida Public Service Commission accepts requests for public records in writing, by electronic mail, by telephone, by facsimile, or in person during normal business hours. Many requests for copies of documents are responded to directly during the normal course of business. Persons do not have to give their name or disclose the reason for making the request. Although the Public Records Act does not require that requests be submitted in writing, doing so provides real practical benefits to the requester (as long as he or she doesn't mind that the request itself then becomes a public record). The benefits include eliminating uncertainty about what information is being sought, and providing an accurate record of what was requested. If the request is insufficient to identify the records sought, the Commission will assist the requester in clarifying the request; however, the requester is not obligated to complete a form as a condition for obtaining the public records requested.
To submit a written request, simply fill in the required information and then describe the records you are requesting.
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Contact information (E-Mail, FAX, or Address):
Documents/Public Records requested:
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The Web site has information regarding docket numbers, docket titles, names of utilities involved, Comissioner and staff assignments, mailing lists, scheduled events, and document filing descriptions. For assistance in locating information on Web site, see Dockets & Filings > Frequently Asked Questions. Most filings are available on the Web site within four hours of filing, or the next business day, if filed after 1:00 p.m. Non-confidential documents filed as of July 1, 1999, are available by selecting Dockets & Filings > Dockets. PDF documents available from the Document Filings Index page that are shown in Red and marked with asterisks are images of the official documents on file with the Office of Commission Clerk. Commission orders, dating back to 1987, are maintained in accordance with Section 120.53(1)(a)2.b., Florida Statutes, in an electronic database. To research Commission orders, visit the Advanced Search selection on the homepage or select Dockets & Filings> Orders.

For additional information regarding public records, select Public Records Request on the Commission's homepage. For all other questions, contact the Office of Commission Clerk at (850) 413-6770, fax (850) 717-0114, or
Preferred method of delivery:

To reset form, click CLEAR. To process your request, click SUBMIT.

Pursuant to Section 119.07(1)(c), Florida Statutes, all public records requests will be promptly acknowledged and responded to in good faith. Persons will be notified in writing if the information sought is confidential or exempt from public disclosure. If charges apply, you will be invoiced. Please select Charges for Copies to view the copying charges for Commission records. Payment must be received before copies can be released.

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