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PSC Publications

  • Reports and Other Resources – e.g., PSC Annual Reports, Comparative Rate Statistics, Electric Utility Ten Year Site Plans, Electric Utility Distribution Reliability Reports, Natural Gas Map, Florida Local Exchange Telephone Companies Map, Map of Florida Area Codes and LATA Boundaries, Lifeline Reports, Water and Wastewater Jurisdictional Counties Map, and Other Reports and Resources.
  • Consumer Brochures – Helpful information about the telecommunications, natural gas, electric, water and wastewater industries.
  • Publicaciones en Español – Folletos Para el Consumidor, Boletines e Informes Especiales
  • Consumer Brochure On-line Request Form – Submit a brochure request on-line
  • Special Reports – Created to provide information about a case that is being considered, and to encourage consumer participation.
  • 2011 Enhanced Rule Review – Florida Public Service Commission 2011 Enhanced Biennial Rule Review
  • Regulatory Plans – PSC Regulatory Plans (2012 through 2015)

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