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Special Reports

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Report Title (215 available)Report DateFile Size (KB)
Utilities, Inc. of SandalhavenSeptember 2015365
Holiday Gardens Utilities, LLCSeptember 2015361
Crestridge Utilities, LLCSeptember 2015362
Orchid Springs Development CorporationJune 2015197
Sunrise Utilities, L.L.C.May 2015364
Alturas Utilities L.L.C.May 2015363
Cedar Acres, Inc.May 2015361
Brevard Waterworks, Inc.April 2015375
Jumper Creek Utility CompanyApril 2015375
HC Waterworks, Inc.February 2015206
Sanlando Utilities CorporationFebruary 2015255
Labrador Utilities, Inc.February 2015206
Lakeside Waterworks, Inc.September 2014261
Petition for rate increase by Florida Public Utilities CompanyAugust 2014267
Crooked Lake Park Sewerage CompanyJuly 2014262
Little Gasparilla Water Utility, Inc.July 2014261
Lake Placid Utilities, Inc.April 2014261
CHC VII, Ltd.February 2014264
S.V. Utilities, Ltd.February 2014264
L. P. Utilities Corporation c/o LP Waterworks, Inc. January 2014262
Cypress Lakes Utilities, Inc.December 2013394
Sunlake Estates Utilities, L.L.C.October 2013261
Gulf Power CompanySeptember 201392
Peoples Water Service Company of Florida, Inc.August 201393
Placid Lakes Utilities, Inc.August 201397
Ni Florida, LLC (Water, Lee County)August 201397
Ni Florida, LLC (Wastewater, Pasco County)August 201397
Utilities, Inc. of FloridaAugust 2013110
Tampa Electric CompanyMay 2013276
Pinecrest Utilities, LLCApril 2013255
West Lakeland Wastewater, LLCApril 2013255
Water Management Services, Inc.January 201391
TLP Water, Inc.January 201393
TKCBDecember 201294
Pluris Wedgefield, Inc.December 201291
Joyland Water SystemOctober 201294
Harbor Waterworks, Inc.September 201293
Utilities, Inc. of PennbrookeJuly 2012136
Sunrise Utilities, LLCJune 2012128
Regency Utilities, Inc.June 2012128
Florida Power & Light CompanyMay 2012127
HV Utility Systems, L.L.C.May 2012132
Water Management Services, Inc.April 2012128
Sanlando Utilities CorporationApril 2012136
Grenelefe Resort Utility, Inc.March 2012132
Sunshine Utilities of Central Florida, Inc.March 2012192
Useppa Island Utilities Co., Inc.February 2012185
Utility Corporation of Florida, Inc.February 2012185
Labrador Utilities, Inc.January 2012182
Pine Ridge Management CorporationNovember 2011188
MFL Utility Systems, L.L.C.November 2011186
COL Utility Systems, L.L.C.November 2011186
OB Utility Systems, L.L.C.November 2011186
Gulf Power CompanySeptember 2011179
Utilities, Inc. of Eagle RidgeSeptember 2011186
Aqua Utilities Florida, Inc.August 2011403
Heather Hills Estates Utilities LLCJune 2011197
S & L Utilities, Inc.June 2011201
Tradewinds Utilities, Inc.June 2011197
Lighthouse Utilities Company, Inc.May 2011201
C.F.A.T. H20, Inc.April 2011201
Lake Utility Services, Inc.April 2011205
Tymber Creek Utilities, Inc.April 2011204
Commercial Utilities, Division of Grace & Co., Inc.December 2010139
Four Points Utility CorporationNovember 2010144
Bimini Bay Utilities CorporationNovember 2010137
Aqua Utilities Florida, Inc.November 2010165
Water Management Services, Inc.October 2010181
Ni Florida, LLCSeptember 2010185
ARMA Water Service, LLCJuly 2010166
Skyland Utilities, LLCJuly 2010152
Lake Placid Utilities, Inc.June 2010155
Utilities, Inc. of FloridaMay 2010225
CWS Communities d/b/a Palm Valley UtilitiesApril 2010206
Alturas Utilities, L.L.C.April 2010204
Pinecrest Ranches, Inc.March 2010202
Utilities, Inc. of PennbrookeFebruary 201080
Sanlando Utilities CorporationFebruary 201080
Utilities, Inc. of LongwoodFebruary 201077
Brendenwood Water System, Inc.January 201075
Ni Florida, LLCDecember 200975
Gainesville Regional Utilities and Gainesville Renewable Energy Center, LLC Need DeterminationDecember 200966
TLP Water, Inc.December 200974
Cypress Lakes Utilities, Inc.November 200978
Camachee Cove Yacht Harbor UtilityOctober 200971
Florida Division of Chesapeake Utilities CorporationOctober 200970
Peoples Water Service Company of Florida, Inc.October 200978
Progress Energy Florida, Inc.September 200970
Mobile Manor Water Company, Inc.September 200975
Neighborhood Utilities, Inc.September 200973
Peoples Water Service Company of Florida, Inc.August 200975
Keen Sales, Rentals and Utilities, Inc.July 200975
Progress Energy Florida, Inc.July 200970
Hidden Valley SPE LLC d/b/a Orange Lake UtilitiesJune 200976
Sun Communities Finance, LLC d/b/a Water Oak UtilityJune 200974
Florida Power & Light CompanyJune 200970
CWS Communities LPJune 200974
Damon Utilities, Inc.June 200980
Alafaya Utilities, Inc.May 200983
Fairmount Utilities, The 2nd Inc.May 200981
Placid Lakes Utilities, Inc.April 200981
Southlake Utilities, Inc.March 200977
Florida Public Utilities CompanyMarch 200974
Labrador Utilities, Inc.March 200981
Tierra Verde Utilities, Inc.February 200979
Mid-County Services, Inc.February 200979
Utilities, Inc. of Eagle RidgeFebruary 200978
Application for a rate increase by Peoples Gas SystemFebruary 2009106
Petition for a rate increase by Tampa Electric CompanyOctober 2008541
K W Resort Utilities Corp.October 2008561
Lake Utility Services, Inc.September 2008153
Colony ParkSeptember 2008152
Aqua Utilities Florida, Inc.September 2008824
Wedgefield Utilities, Inc.August 2008157
Regency Utilities, Inc.July 2008155
Miles Grant Water and Sewer CompanyJuly 2008160
W.P. Utilities, Inc.June 2008157
Progress Energy - Levy Nuclear Units 1&2 Electrical Power PlantMay 2008148
St. Joe Natural Gas Company, Inc.May 2008176
Holiday Utility Company, Inc.May 2008155
Orangewood Lakes Services, Inc.May 2008161
St. Joe Natural Gas Company, Inc.April 2008175
Progress Energy - Levy Nuclear Units 1 & 2 Electrical Power PlantApril 2008148
Century-Fairfield Village, Ltd.April 2008175
Raintree Utilities, Inc.April 2008170
Orangeland Water SupplyMarch 2008168
Holiday Utility Company, Inc.March 2008155
Continental Utility, Inc.March 2008154
Hidden Cove, Ltd.February 2008154
Plantation Landings, Ltd.February 2008155
Anglers Cove West, Ltd.January 2008149
Sun River Utilities, Inc.January 2008145
S.V. Utilities, Ltd.January 2008152
CHC VII, Ltd.January 2008149
FP&L - Turkey Point Nuclear Units 6 & 7 Electrical Power PlantJanuary 2008141
FPUC - Petition for a Rate IncreaseDecember 2007151
West Lakeland Wastewater, IncNovember 2007153
LWV Utilities, Inc.October 2007148
Colonial Manor Utility Co.September 2007146
The Vantage Development Co.July 2007147
Aqua Utilities Florida, IncJune 2007845
Crystal Lake Club UtilitiesMay 2007136
FPUC - Storm Preparedness InitiativesMay 2007123
Utilities, Inc. of SandalhavenMay 2007127
Key Haven Utility Co.April 2007126
Del Tura Utilities TransferApril 2007128
Pasco Utilities, Inc.March 2007127
Useppa Island Utility, IncFebruary 2007130
Gold Coast Utility CorporationFebruary 2007130
Utilities, Inc. of Florida (Pasco/Pinellas Counties)February 2007134
Utilities, Inc. of Florida (Seminole/Orange Counties)February 2007134
Utilities, Inc. of Florida (Marion County)February 2007132
Embarq Florida, Inc.November 2006131
Crooked Lake Park Sewerage Co.November 2006135
Alafaya Utilities, Inc.November 2006135
Lake Placid Utilities, Inc.November 2006137
Labrador Utilities, Inc.November 2006136
Tierra Verde Utilities, Inc.November 2006134
BellSouth Telecommunications, IncNovember 2006126
Sanlando Utilities, Co.October 2006140
Cypress Lakes Utilities, Inc.October 2006138
Mid-County Services, Inc.October 2006136
Utilities, Inc. of Pennbrooke October 2006138
Pinecrest Ranches, Inc.August 2006137
County-Wide Utility, CompanyJuly 2006138
MSM Utilities, LLCJune 2006134
Gulf Power - Storm Recovery Financing OrderMay 2006130
Park Water Company, Inc.May 2006136
Brendenwood Water System, Inc.March 2006136
Dixie Groves Utility CompanyFebruary 2006136
FPL - Storm Recovery Financing OrderFebruary 2006129
Plantation Bay Utility CompanyNovember 2005127
Alltel Florida, Inc.November 2005116
Herons Glen Utilities TransferOctober 2005531
Timberwood UtilitiesOctober 2005519
FPUC - Fuel and Purchased Power Cost Recovery ClauseOctober 2005500
Aloha Utilities, Inc.August 2005647
Petition for a Rate Increase by Progress Energy Florida, Inc.July 2005513
BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc.July 2005520
Petition for a Rate Increase by Florida Power and Light CompanyJuly 2005512
Florida Public Utilities Company Gas DivisionJune 2005503
Florida Power & Light CompanyApril 2005517
Progress Energy Florida, Inc.March 2005516
Holiday Utility Company, Inc.March 2005518
Indiantown Company, Inc.January 2005524
Ranch Mobile WWTP, Inc.December 2004522
Central Florida Gas Company - Florida Division of Chesapeake Utilities CorporationDecember 2004524
Keen Sales, Rentals and Utilities, Inc.November 2004523
Tymber Creek UtilitiesOctober 2004523
Sebring Gas System, Inc.August 2004536
Labrador Utilities, Inc.August 2004525
Woodlands Lk PlacidAugust 2004521
Utilities, Inc. of Eagle RidgeJuly 2004524
Florida Public Utilities CompanyJuly 2004526
Farmton Water Resources, LLCMay 2004523
Mid-County Services, Inc.April 2004524
Bayside Utility Services, Inc.April 2004531
Aloha Utilities, Inc.April 2004540
Indiantown Gas Company, Inc.January 2004537
Florida Public Utilities CompanyDecember 2003538
City Gas Company of FloridaOctober 2003560
Verizon Florida Inc., Sprint-Florida Inc., y BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. (Spanish version)October 2003505
Petitions by Verizon Florida Inc., Sprint-Florida Inc., and Bellsouth Telecommunications, Inc.October 2003543
Floralino Properties, Inc.September 2003540
Environmental Protection Systems of Pine Island, Inc.July 2003541
Service Management Systems, Inc.June 2003536
The Woodlands of Lake Placid, L.P.May 2003538
Utilities, Inc. of Florida (No. 6)May 2003540
Utilities, Inc. of Florida (No. 7)May 2003548
Utilities, Inc. of Florida (No. 8)May 2003534
Damon Utilities, Inc.May 2003558
River Ranch Water Management, L.L.C.April 2003558
Alafaya Utilities, Inc.March 2003147
Cypress Lakes Utilities, Inc.January 2003154
City Gas of FloridaJanuary 2003126

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