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Effective July 2017, our internal Case Management System (CMS) has been upgraded. Below are some FAQs concerning the upgrade.

Are there e-filing changes? No, the e-filing process is the same. However, CMS now uses a 4-digit year instead of a 2-digit year. If you do not type in the 4-digit year, the system will automatically populate the 4-digit year for you. You will also notice a dropdown menu of docket numbers for your convenience.

How does the CMS upgrade affect me as a user? All entries requiring the year will now use 4 digits instead of 2, for example:
  • Docket No. 20170001
  • Document No. 00012-2017
  • Order No. PSC-2017-0250-CFO-EI
Does this change the Commission’s historical documents, especially orders?
No, historical documents will keep their original Docket No., Document No., or Order No. in the body of the document (e.g., the DN “stamp” will not change from what was used on the document at the time it was originally filed). However, the search to locate the documents will need to be entered in the new 4-digit year format.

How do I reference a historical order? Reference the order in the same manner as always. Use the order number as it was originally entered; this is the information that will show on the online document when you view it. No changes.

What if I need help filing or finding a document? For help filing a document, contact Dorothy Menasco in the Clerk’s Office at 850-413-6243 or For assistance finding a document, call the Clerk’s main line at 850-413-6770 or email