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Information Display
Recent Order Details

The recent order details page lists the past 100 PSC Orders in reverse chronological order. Below each order number are the order description and the date filed. The Order Number is linked to the details page for that order which contains links to the PDF version as well as other related documents. Use the page numbers to view older orders.

This panel is also available in the Orders webpage.

Recent Orders
Search Order Data

Data searches can be performed on information stored in the PSC Case Management System. If you know the PSC Order Number, enter it in the upper box in YY-NNNN format ('PSC' is entered automatically), then Click on the button labelled 'Order Number'.

You can also search on single keywords contained in the docket title related to the Order. Enter the search term in the second box and click the button labelled "Docket Title". Results of your search will be displayed by reverse chronological order of date filed in a scrollable panel below. You can select Orders by date range - enter start and end dates (mm/dd/yyyy format) then click the "Date Range" button.

The full Order Data search is found in the Orders webpage.

Orders Search
Search Order Text

The search order text panel allows you to search for text content contained in PSC Orders. Type the search term(s) in the box and click the "Search" button. You can optionally limit search to Orders issued with specific years (from 1987 to the current), by selecting a year in the category drop-down box prior to clicking the Search button.

Tips for Improving Search Terms

  • Searching for phrases - Specifying more than one search term searches for both. "acquisition" and "adjustment" searches for documents containing both "acquisition" AND "adjustment", giving highest relevance to those with the phrase "acquisition adjustment". If you want to search for the exact phrase "acquisition adjustment", surround the phrase with quotation marks. Alternatively, you can hyphenate all the words together, e.g. "acquisition-adjustment".
  • Wildcards - The wildcard (*) represents one or more unspecified characters in the search term. For example, searching for "electr*" will include matches for "electric", "electronic" and "electronically".
  • To exclude words, use the minus sign - If you are searching for the word "Public" but wish to exclude all documents containing the phrase "Public Service", type a minus sign before "Service", i.e. search for "Public -service".

The full Order Data search is found in the Advanced Search webpage.

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