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New features of the Florida PSC website

The Florida Public Service Commission has updated its website to incorporate the latest web technologies to enhance user experience. The new website expands on previous features, and allows for greater user interaction, making the new website easier and more enjoyable to use. Following are some of the new features.
Multiple-View calendars Calendar views can be changed from month, week or day by clicking the appropriate view button on the upper right.
Calendar month view Calendar week view Calendar day view

Try the calendar control
Click on the back and forward arrows to view events from previous or future months. Click on the month, week or day icons to view event information by time periods.
Expanded use of Accordion controls Accordion controls allow you to view related information, while hiding other content. Complex pages are simpler and easier to browse.
Accordion control 1 Accordion control 2
Try the accordion control by clicking on the Section headers.

Section 1

Contents of Section 1

Section 2

Contents of Section 2

Section 3

Contents of Section 3

  • List item one
  • List item two
  • List item three

Section 4

Contents of Section 4

Text Autocomplete When partial text information is entered, the web page provides complete text selections. Autocomplete textboxes are helpful for typing information such as docket numbers, company titles or company codes.
Text autocomplete
Try it - type in a partial company name

Company Name