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06/17/2013 Contact: 850-413-6482

Florida PSC Spotlights Lighting for June Conservation Tip

TALLAHASSEE — To shed some new light on a familiar topic, the Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) is spotlighting another energy-saving tip for its 2013 Energy Saving Challenge during Florida’s historic 500th anniversary year.  Participating residents can save up to 500 kilowatt hours (kWh) or more of energy through December that will save them money and help protect resources for future Floridians and visitors to enjoy for another 500 years.

For June’s tip, the PSC urges you to “light up,” efficiently.  According to the American Lighting Association (ALA), “lighting typically accounts for about 17 percent of residential electricity use.”  There are easy ways you can reduce lighting energy consumption in your residence without compromising lighting quality or convenience.

“We want Florida’s residents to light up efficiently,” said PSC Chairman Ronald A. Brisé. “So check your lighting habits, use lighting controls, and remember to switch out your incandescent light bulbs with CFLs to save energy and money.”

Lighting controls are an excellent option for saving energy.  Not to worry, though, you don’t have to spend money rewiring your house!  Here are a few simple and less-expensive methods from ALA’s website for controlling light to save energy:

  • Turn off lights when you do not need them.
  • Switch out the light bulbs you use the most with CFLs to get the biggest bang for your buck.
  • Use motion sensors that will turn on the lights when you enter a room and turn off the lights when you exit.  Motion sensors can even be used to control outdoor lighting.
  • Always use the proper lumens (or equivalent wattage) and most efficient bulb to fulfill your lighting needs.

“Florida’s reputation as a one-of-a-kind cultural destination is a testament to its diverse, innovative, and resourceful residents,” said Secretary of State Ken Detzner. “The PSC’s energy challenge will help future generations of Floridians enjoy the great state we call home, and we welcome them as a Viva Florida 500 partner.”

Join the PSC’s 2013 Energy Saving Challenge and track your new conservation habits and monthly energy savings. Look for next month’s PSC challenge and visit our website to find more energy saving tips at

About Viva Florida 500

Viva Florida 500 is a statewide initiative led by the Florida Department of State, under the leadership of Governor Rick Scott, to highlight the 500 years of historic people, places, and events in present-day Florida since the arrival of Juan Ponce de León to the land he named La Florida in 1513.

In 2013, Florida marks 500 years of history and diverse cultural heritage – a claim no other state in America can make – and promotes the place where the world’s cultures began to unite and transform into the great nation we know today as the United States of America.

For more information on Viva Florida 500, visit the Department of State’s website on Florida’s 500th Anniversary at

For additional information, visit

Follow the PSC on Twitter, @floridapsc.