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06/27/2013 Contact: 850-413-6482

Florida PSC Remembers "Life Before Air Conditioning" from Experienced Seniors

TALLAHASSEE — Not many of us remember life without air-conditioning, but the Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) recently interviewed some seniors who do.  Hear their heartwarming stories of how they beat the summer heat before the days of “AC” on the PSC’s website.  You’ll also hear their friendly advice to “young people” about how to conserve energy and save money on summer utility bills.

PSC Chairman Ronald A. Brisé said, “Many seniors didn’t have the luxury of air-conditioning while growing up, but those featured on our website definitely had innovative ways to keep cool, some even worth trying today!  Their conservation tips and suggestions on how to save money on utility bills are worth remembering as we mark the first official week of summer.”

Using resourcefulness to beat the heat, the seniors interviewed said they sat in front of electric fans or used paper hand fans, ate popsicles, visited the public swimming pool, played in the sprinkler, sat under shade trees to catch a breeze, and slept on the screened porch.  While, admittedly, they don’t yearn for the good ol’ days sans air conditioning, the seniors do miss neighbors visiting one another and being more inclined to help each other. 

Experienced in surviving many hot summers, these seniors offer useful energy-saving suggestions still apt today, such as running the air conditioning less often and turning the temperature up a degree or two when you do run it.  Also, remember to use ceiling fans only when you’re in the room, and, instead of using your dryer, try hanging your clothes on an outside line.  But most of all--and one we’ve probably heard from our parents and grandparents--“Turn off the lights when you leave the room!”

Jensen Watts and the following Tallahassee Senior Center representatives are highlighted on the PSC’s website:  Violet Felber, Betty Lou Joanos, Mary Louise Bachman, Lynn Powell, and Reverend Henry Steele. 

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