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08/05/2013 Contact: 850-413-6482

PSC Approves Duke Energy's Nuclear Cost Recovery Deferral Request

TALLAHASSEE — After questioning all parties and moving pre-filed testimony into the record, Florida’s Public Service Commission (PSC) today granted Duke Energy Florida, Inc.’s (DEF’s) motion to defer its 2013 Nuclear Cost Recovery Clause (NCRC) proceeding to next year.

DEF requested the deferral after filing a revised stipulation and settlement agreement last Friday that seeks to resolve all remaining 2013 NCRC Crystal River 3 (CR3) Uprate Project and Levy Nuclear Plant Project issues.  Commissioners are expected to consider the revised agreement, which would replace DEF’s 2012 settlement agreement, early this fall.

“With the Office of Public Counsel (OPC) and other consumer advocates signing onto and agreeing with the motion, I know that Florida’s public interest has been well represented, which is our main concern,” said PSC Chairman Ronald A. Brisé.  “As we consider DEF’s revised settlement, the Commission will have an opportunity to fully discuss and review the company’s nuclear construction project costs .”

As approved in the motion—signed by DEF, OPC, Florida Retail Federation, Florida Industrial Power Users Group, and White Springs Agriculture Chemicals, Inc. d/b/a PCS Phosphate—a 1,000 kilowatt-hour customer bill will reflect $5.62 for nuclear projects starting in January 2014.  This includes $2.17 for the CR3 uprate project and $3.45 for the Levy project.  

Commissioners also approved an administrative stipulation for Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) today that, in part, reduces the company’s recovery request by $1.6 million. The Commission is continuing to hear evidence and testimony on FPL’s nuclear projects as its NCRC hearing continues this week.

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