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07/27/2017 Contact: 850-413-6482

Salonz Beauty & Spa Suites Receives PSC’s Triple E Award

TALLAHASSEE — Leading the way in innovative salon business models, Salonz Beauty & Spa Suites (Salonz) is also setting an example in saving energy and expenses. With locations in three Florida counties, Salonz’s energy efficiency efforts have earned them the Florida Public Service Commission’s (PSC) July Triple E Award.

As a salon suite rental chain in Florida, Salonz Beauty & Spa Suites is triple the size of a standard salon and, therefore, has unique energy demands,” said PSC Chairman Julie Brown. “ Salonz is making energy savings a priority by maximizing efficiencies when constructing new salons and renovating existing locations. We’re pleased to recognize these efforts.”

During four construction and renovation projects, Salonz successfully utilized Florida Power & Light Company’s (FPL) Business HVAC program, which encourages installation of high efficiency electric heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units. Salonz purchased and installed highly efficient HVAC units and A/C and ERV units with high energy efficiency ratio (EER) ratings for these locations. Together, the upgrades qualified for rebates of more than $2,300.

With rising energy costs, energy efficiency makes more sense than ever, so we’re trying to do our share to increase efficiencies at both existing salons and new construction,” said Marc Finer with Salonz Beauty & Spa Suites. Our salon/spa suite rental concept includes 250 independent salon specialists at eight locations in Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties, and we hope to work with FPL on future efficiency upgrades at our other locations.”

“At FPL, we believe all businesses, regardless of size, can improve their bottom line through investments in energy efficiency,” said Brad Gunter, Manager of FPL DSM Energy Efficiency Programs. “We were happy to work with Salonz Beauty & Spa Suites to help them make a smart investment that will help them reduce their energy use and provide immediate and long-term savings.”

Covering the state’s five major geographic areas, each month the PSC presents its Triple E Award to a local business that has accomplished superior energy efficiency.  Look for past PSC Triple E Award recipients under Hot Topics on the PSC’s homepage, The PSC encourages cost-effective conservation and renewable energy to reduce the use of fossil fuels and defer the need for new generating capacity through the Florida Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act.

About Salonz Beauty & Spa Suites

Salonz Beauty & Spa Suites is a unique salon concept–an elegant beauty mall–made up of over 250 independent hair, nail, skin, massage, tanning, and other specialists. We offer what no other salon is able to offer–unparalleled privacy and the most personalized salon experience you can receive. Our health and beauty professionals operate from their very own, private salon suite, setting their own prices and hours and making their own appointments to ensure that you’ll always have a direct connection. The SALONZ environment allows you to satisfy all of your health and beauty needs under one roof for a total salon/spa experience. For more information, visit

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