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08/03/2017 Contact: 850-413-6482

PSC Concludes Utilities, Inc. of Florida Rate Case

TALLAHASSEE — The Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) today completed the rate case for Utilities, Inc. of Florida (UIF), one of the state’s largest water and wastewater companies with 27 systems in 10 counties.

The Commission’s decision approved rates for all UIF systems under a consolidated rate structure. Consolidated rates provide customers with rate stability, and UIF will save costs with its new economies of scale as a consolidated, larger utility and also through reduced regulatory filing fees.

UIF had included a significant capital investment in its petition to upgrade aging infrastructure and to replace aging water main piping for systems in Seminole, Orange, Pasco and Pinellas Counties. The approved rate structure will help minimize ‘rate shock’ when major improvement projects are performed in a single community.

The Commission approved a 10.40 percent Return on Equity (ROE), for rate setting purposes, for most UIF systems. The PSC had previously reduced Summertree’s ROE to 9.40 percent for unsatisfactory quality of service, and the penalty will continue with today’s decision. Today, Commissioners reduced the quality of service from satisfactory to marginal for six systems, with three of those systems also receiving a reduced ROE of 9.90 percent. Quality of Service is one of the key factors the Commission must consider when setting rates.

All UIF customers will pay the same amount per gallon used, and customers will be notified before the new rates become effective. 

For the UIF case, the Commission held eight customer service hearings throughout Central Florida and one in Tallahassee; a technical hearing was held in May in Tallahassee. Customers could access the live-streamed service hearings on the internet, and hearing transcripts are also available in the docket file

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