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10/15/2018 Contact: 850-413-6482

Florida’s PSC Imagines a Day Without Water

TALLAHASSEE — Most people take their water and wastewater systems for granted. They turn on the tap and flush the toilet without thinking about where that water came from or where it will go.  But, can you imagine a day without water?   The Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) did just that for the fourth annual “Imagine a Day Without Water,” a national Value of Water Campaign.

PSC Commissioners and Executive Director participated in a “Water Walk” video with each imagining how a day without water would affect a typical neighborhood. The PSC offices are located in Tallahassee’s Southwood neighborhood, a perfect backdrop to imagine a day without water. 

Commissioner Julie Brown filmed the video’s opening and closing segments in front the PSC’s headquarters down the street from the main Southwood entrance.

“On our ‘Water Walk,’ we thought about the many ways water impacts our lives and our neighborhoods,” said PSC Commissioner Brown.  “We hope our video will encourage others to think about how they use this essential resource and the importance of conserving it.”

She added, “The good news is that Florida’s water utilities are investing in our state’s water infrastructure to limit waste and continue delivering safe drinking water to their customers.”

Video highlights include:

• Commissioner Donald Polmann at Southwood’s medical center imagining how health services would be interrupted without water.

• Commissioner Gary Clark at a Southwood apartment complex imagining what it would be like for the 7,000+ homes—and residents—to have no water and no working fire hydrants.

• Executive Director Braulio Baez at Southwood’s Florida State University School imagining how education and athletics would be impacted with no water.

View the PSC’s Water Walk on the PSC’s website and on Twitter, @floridapsc

For easy water conservation tips, see the PSC’s Drop By Drop brochure and Conservation House. For more information about the Value of Water Campaign, visit

For additional information, visit

Follow the PSC on Twitter, @floridapsc.