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10/15/2014 Contact: 850-413-6482

PSC Chairman Art Graham Helps Customers Save Energy for Energy Awareness Month

TALLAHASSEE — October’s Energy Awareness Month is an ideal time for a home energy audit that can reduce your energy consumption and save money, too. An energy efficiency champion year-round, Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) Chairman Art Graham joined Beaches Energy Services (BES) representatives today to perform a residential home energy audit.

Chairman Graham assisted Rik Amato, BES Conservation Specialist, in helping a customer learn easy home energy efficiency measures. By checking and making minor improvements to insulation, water heating, HVAC system, lighting, windows, and doors, the home’s overall home energy efficiency is improved, making it more comfortable and more affordable.

“Energy Awareness Month reminds us how doing our part can make a difference to reduce our energy usage and save money on utility bills,” said PSC Chairman Art Graham. “This October, I encourage you to get a home energy audit, or if you don’t have time for an in-home visit, watch the PSC’s video on how to perform a do-it-yourself analysis to start saving money and energy today.”  

From your morning coffee to your dinner clean-up, your day is filled with opportunities to become more energy efficient. Implementing just a few of these conservation initiatives can make a difference in your home and office energy bills year-round!

•  Use power strips in areas where you have a lot of electronics. This makes it easy to power down a room full of equipment with just one switch.

?  Switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs).

•  Unplug things like phone chargers and laptop cords when not using them. They use  energy even when not attached to your phone or computer.

•  Insulate your home and weatherize your doors and windows. Check on getting an  energy audit from your local utility company.

•  Install programmable thermostats and wash only full loads of dishes and clothes to  increase your energy efficiency.

•  Take advantage of natural heat and cooling. Close curtains during hot days to keep  the house cool and open them to warm the house in the winter.

About Beaches Energy Services
Beaches Energy Services provides utility service to more than 34,000 customers in Jacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach, Ponte Vedra, and Palm Valley.  Its mission is to provide reliable utility service at a competitive price with superior customer service that is “Above and Beyond The Expected.” Beaches Energy Services is now offering a rebate program for selected energy efficient home improvements. For more information visit or call customer service at 904-247-6241.

For additional information, visit

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