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Service Contract

On September 7, 2017, in Docket No. 20170039-TP , the Commission selected Sprint as Florida's Relay Service Provider.
Florida Relay
  • To connect with Florida Relay It's Simple, just dial 711... or dial
  • 1-800-955-8771 (TTY/VCO)
  • 1-800-955-8770 (Voice)
  • 1-800-955-1339 (ASCII)
  • 1-877-955-8773 (Spanish)
  • 1-877-955-8707 (French)
  • 1-877-955-5334 (STS)
  • 1-877-955-8260 (VCO Direct)
  • Sprint Relay Customer Service
Florida Relay is the independence link that enables standard telephone users to communicate with people who are Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing, Deaf/Blind or Speech Impaired who use specialized telecommunication devices, such as, a TTY (Text Telephone or TDD).
A Relay Operator (OPR) takes the phone call and acts as your confidential link to reach anybody, anywhere, 24-hours a day, 365 days a year, with no restrictions on the number of calls placed or on the length of calls. There is no charge for making local phone calls. Florida Relay accepts long-distance and international phone calls based on the caller's preference. Many long-distance providers offer discounted rates for long-distance calls through the relay service. It's the responsibility of the relay user (caller) to contact their long-distance provider of choice to see if a discounted rate is available.
Everyday, thousands of Florida residents relay on Florida Relay to make personal and business phone calls. Relay users have different needs and use different features; and users can communicate with other users. Some example of the type of relay users:
Text Telephone (TTY or TDD) - the caller types their phone conversation, the operator (OPR) voices typed words to the hearing person and types back the words being said; the caller reads the text message on the TTY screen and / or paper printout on the TTY.
Voice Carry-Over (VCO) - the caller can speak directly to the hearing person the operator (OPR) types back the words that are being said and the caller reads the text message on the VCO screen (or TTY).
Two-Line VCO - the caller needs two phones or a computer, one line is for speaking and one line is for receiving text messages.
Hearing Carry-Over - the caller listens to the person who is speaking, the operator (OPR) voices text messages to hearing person who speaks directly to HCO user without operator (OPR) interaction.