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Local Interconnection Agreements

Previously, the Commission maintained a series of files on this website that allowed users to locate information on specific agreements between Incumbent Local Exchange Companies (ILECs) and Competitive Local Exchange Companies (CLECs). As a result of creating a database with search capabilities, users have a much more flexible, easy-to-use tool for researching agreements. This new tool is the Negotiated and Arbitrated Agreement Tracking System (NAATS). You can now search for interconnection agreements using two different methods. The first method is by searching for a docket number and the second method is a filtered search.
To use the first search, enter the docket number and click the search button next to the text box. This search method takes you directly to the Case Management System (CMS) entry for the docket number you've entered.
To use the filtered search, begin by selecting to search using either one company or two companies. You can then filter your search by the date docketed range, type of agreement filed (agreement, arbitration, notice of adoption, amendments, or wireless), the underlying docket number, or withdrawal status. (Note: filtering will limit the number of results. If your search returns too few results, you may wish to widen your search criteria.)
Once your search request is entered in the table below and executed, the search results will open in a new window. For each agreement listed in the search results, the docket number serves as a clickable link to the docket file/documents available on this website.
For questions or assistance, please contact Jeff Bates at (850) 413-6538.
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