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Telecommunications Service Schedule Filings

Updated January 27, 2020
Telecommunications companies currently regulated by the Florida Public Service Commission are required to publish their network access tariffs with the Commission1. Companies may choose to submit their service schedules or price lists for other services with the Commission or publish them by another means that is available to the public2. They may file any of these filings with the Commission electronically or in hard-copy format.
Companies that desire to submit their network access tariffs or service schedules electronically may review the procedures for doing so here. To sign up for e-tariff filing, contact Jeff Bates at
The telecommunications filing information system (TFIS) tracks all telecommunications filings submitted, but only those filed electronically are available for download from the Commission website. Filings made via hard-copy are available upon request.
Telecommunications Filing Summary Report

You can generate a summary report of network access tariff and service schedule filings made to the Commission and tracked using the Telecommunications Filing Information System by using the below database search engine.Data available includes the most recent five years of tariff and price list filings. Tariff and price list filings for previous years are available upon request.
Tariff filings made electronically are available for immediate download. Filings made via traditional hard-copy delivery methods are not available for electronic download but are available upon request at a nominal charge.
The Commission maintains electronic copies of incumbent local exchange carriers’ network access services tariffs, and the service schedules and price lists of competitive local exchange companies for those companies that have chosen to publish at the Commission. Use the below search by telecommunication company to review specific company information including links to the company website and published service schedule (if available).
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If you have any questions regarding tariffs, please call the Office of Industry Development and Market Analysis at 850-413-7160 or 850-413-6538.

1See Ch. 364.163, F.S.
2See Ch. 364.04, F.S.